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Ashton Kutcher reveals the surprising way he coped with divorce from Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher revealed on Dax Shepard's podcast that his divorce from Demi Moore sent him out to the desert to analyze his relationships.
/ Source: TODAY

After his divorce from Demi Moore, a struggling Ashton Kutcher lived out what can best be described as "That 1870s Show."

The actor revealed on his friend Dax Shepard's podcast that he needed a spirit quest of sorts in the mountains of Montana amid the fallout from his 2013 divorce (the pair separated two years earlier) — fasting to the point of hallucination to gain perspective on his failed relationships.

Image: FILE: Demi Moore Divorcing Ashton Kutcher
Actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore speak to the media at the launch party for "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" at Steven Alan Annex on April 14, 2011 in New York City. Getty Images

"Right after I got divorced, I went to the mountains for a week by myself,” Kutcher, now 40, said on the latest episode of "Armchair Expert."

“I went into Big Sky in Montana, and I did no food, no drink — just water and tea — I took all my computers away, my phone, my everything.

“I was there by myself so there was no talking, and I just had a notepad and a pen and water and tea for a week.”

By the second day, he "started to hallucinate ... which was fantastic, which was pretty wonderful," and started performing his own version of Tai Chi, an art in which he was never trained. More importantly, he pulled out that notepad and pen.

“I wrote down every single relationship that I had where I felt like there was some grudge or some anything," Kutcher told his pal, "and then I wrote letters to every single person and sent the letters on day seven."

Ashton Kutcher reveals divorce from Demi Moore sparked spirit quest in desert
Ashton Kutcher joined his pal Dax Shepard's podcast, 'Armchair Expert.'Armchair Expert

Kutcher, who is now married to Mila Kunis, compared the exercise to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, "where I was like, ‘I probably have done some damage.'"

Shephard, who landed his big break courtesy of Kutcher on "Punk'd" 15 years ago, could relate. The podcast host was forced to revisit his own breakup with Briegh Morrison after joining the real AA. In fact, the "Parenthood" star has apparently apologized to his ex so often in recent years that she asked him to please stop focusing on the negative memories.

That got Kutcher thinking.

"I think I have more things (to apologize to my exes for) if I laundry listed now," quipped Kutcher.