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Ashton and Demi: Real or Punk'd?

One e-mail claims wedding was only for show
/ Source: Access Hollywood

“You just got Punk’d!” Or did we?

As we all know by now, People magazine reported that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher tied the knot on Saturday night.

And as word of the wedding spreads, Access Hollywood is on the case to find out if it was for real or are we all getting “Punk’d?”

Certainly if “Punk’d” is his muse, Ashton and pals have orchestrated one complicated wedding rhapsody. Even his good friend Diddy has his doubts.

“Congratulations to him, if it’s true,” Diddy told Access. “I can’t go on rumors. I haven’t spoken to him.”

In fact, was forwarded an email, supposedly written by “Punk’d” executive producer Jason Goldberg to the show’s producers and writers, which stated “preparations for the ceremony are in full swing, and it’s actually more hell than preparing for a real wedding, if that’s possible.”

The email went on to read like a “Mission: Impossible” soon-to-self destruct top secret order, saying “players need to be fully miked and in costume by 5:45 p.m…. please remember that not everyone attending knows that this is for the show, so bring you’re A-game and keep your mouth shut.”

So what does the rest of Hollywood make of Ashton and Demi’s apparent nuptials?

“Oh, it’s real,” Rene Russo told us. “They’re so blessed. I wish them all the love in the world.”

“You know what, they’ve been saying that for two years, since they’ve been dating. At this point, it’s like, let them have it. Come on. They’re together,” actress Natasha Henstridge agreed.

For the record, we too think the wedding was real and that the email we received as a sham.

Either way, one thing is for sure – Ashton, Demi and even “Punk’d” have gotten plenty of publicity.