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Ashley Tisdale is no pantyless party girl

Hot new starlet Ashley Tisdale is taking on the more established party girls.
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Hot new starlet Ashley Tisdale is taking on the more established party girls.

The star of “High School Musical” says she’s nothing like them — she always wears panties.

“I don't know why they do that. Maybe they didn't do their laundry,” Tisdale told Blender magazine. “I’m definitely the kind of person to wear underwear all the time.”

What’s more, Tisdale — who is releasing an album, “Headstrong” — is disdainful of much of the hedonism she sees among the stars of her generation, especially the drugs, smoking and alcohol.

“Personally, I don't think that's cool,” the New Jersey native said. “My mom really instilled confidence in me, so I'm not somebody who'd be under peer pressure.”

And while she’s had her skin inked, it’s not permanent. “I don't have a tattoo,” she tells the mag. “You know what I like to do? I take, like, a Sharpie, and then do hearts and stuff on my hands.”

Nobody's laughingSome Jackie Mason watchers are having déjà vu all over again.

In 1989, the comedian/political pundit — who was working with Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaign — caused a major firestorm when he called New York City African-American then-mayoral candidate David Dinkins “a fancy schvartzer with a mustache.” (The word “schvartzer” is derogatory Yiddish for a black person.)

Mason compounded the problem when he said, “There is a sick Jewish problem of voting for a black man no matter how unfit he is for the job.”

Giuliani booted Mason from his campaign, although, according to a biography on his homepage, Mason currently writes for several conservative and Jewish news organizations.

So some were startled to see a video on YouTube in which Mason says that Illinois senator Barack Obama is being taken seriously as a presidential candidate “just because he’s black.” Mason goes on to say that instead of running for president, Obama should become a waiter or a doorman.

“Everybody feels guilty about the blacks never getting a chance at the presidency,” Mason said, “They already became mayors, they already became governors and senators and now the next step is the presidency.”

Some find Obama appealing, Mason says, because he’s “not threatening,” he’s soft-spoken and tall, and he has a nice haircut.

Then, addressing Obama, Mason says: “Maybe you should take a test for something that you can do. Maybe you should be the head waiter in a restaurant since you never said an intelligent thing in your life. . . . Maybe you should be a doorman.”

Notes from all over“Boston Legal” star Julie Bowen says she’ll breastfeed on the set of the show, because it’s a kid-friendly atmosphere, and says that her body is going through a lot of changes now that she’s expecting. “I have boobs now!” Bowen tells Pregnancy magazine. “I always had two pepperonis on board and I’m shocked to see the changes in my body. I’m also experiencing rapid hair growth. I feel like a Yeti.”  . . . Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s father says he would never send them to rehab, a la troubled pop singer Britney Spears. “I would never let that happen to my daughters,” the managing pop said, reports WENN. “Hopefully, her family will take care of the situation.” ... Pamela Anderson has been spending time lately with ex-hubby Tommy Lee since her split from Kid Rock, and the reason might be some advice the “Stacked” star got from her mother. “My mom’s advice is, ‘If you’re going to be with an [bleep]hole, be with your ex-husband,” Anderson said. “At least you’ve got kids together.”

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