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/ Source: Access Hollywood

When she burst on to MTV screens in “The Ashlee Simpson Show” in 2004, the plucky younger sister of Jessica won fans and attention for her vocal talents, her attitude and her individual sense of style. In recent years, Ashlee Simpson has changed her look and one magazine is claiming today that the 23-year-old is keeping her look up through frequent Botox injections.

“Everybody is talking about how stunning you look — new hair, new weight regime,” Tim Vincent told the star in a 2006 interview with Access Hollywood.

“I think it’s growing up and growing into my beauty,” the singer responded. “You try things out, and what not, and I’m comfortable in my skin.”

In 2006, Simpson debuted a more diminutive nose. Many speculated it was the result of plastic surgery. Now, In Touch Weekly claims Simpson didn’t just stop with a new nose. In their latest issue, the magazine claims Simpson is getting Botox injections once a month.

“When someone is smiling, certainly when they are smiling genuinely, you would expect a slight crinkle around the eyes, which I don’t see,” facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Levine, who does not treat Simpson, told Access. “So I would have to expect that she has had some Botox to that area.”

And that’s not all. The magazine claims Ashlee is using the procedure to lift the brow in order to give her a wide-eyed look.

Dr. Levine reveals that’s a less common use of Botox.

“I would argue that someone who is 23 would probably have a very natural and pleasing brow position and it wouldn’t really be necessary,” she said.

Ashlee’s spokesperson, however, refutes the claims.

“Ashlee has never had Botox in her life,” the rep said in a statement released exclusively to Access Hollywood. “She credits her eyebrows to her makeup artist who is a whiz with the tweezer.”

As for In Touch Weekly, they said they stand by their story, in a statement of their own to Access.