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Artist mashes up celebrity faces in photographs, creeps us all out a little

You know that face! Or do you? One Photoshopping genius will make you look twice when he blends two famous faces into one.
/ Source: TODAY

There are times when one celebrity just won't do.

When that happens, the Celle, Germany-based artist known as Gesichtermix is ready to step in: He's been using some serious Photoshop-fu to blend two famous faces into one, resulting in an image that's at once slightly familiar — yet slightly askew.

And we can't get enough of the pictures, which he's posted on Instagram.

Just look closely at the image above: On first glance, that's obviously Leonardo DiCaprio. But wait... no, it's got to be Sean Penn!

"If you have done it once, you can fast become addicted," the artist told during an interview on Facebook. "You see two faces and want to know how they look combined."

Here's another: Is that the host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" or "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon? (Answer: Yes.)

The faces often have some kind of connection, whether literal (talk show hosts) or imagined (Robert De Niro and Kevin Spacey, below, are both intense actors).

"Of course the best thing is if they have something to to with each other like Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel," the artist wrote. "But often the I see that the images will just fit quite well. Like the images of Bill Gates and Sean Connery, because they both look into the same direction."

Gesichtermix (Gesicht means "face" in German) prefers not to share his name, as the images he's using to blend the art are taken by other people. This is just a hobby for him (he also takes photos of skyscrapers), and he says he has a background in math.

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He wrote that he had done something like this in 2002, but "back then the computers were so slow that it took hours" to blend one face. Now it takes around an hour or two, he said.

Check out this one of Lionel Richie and Michael J. Fox:

"Sometimes finding photos is the hardest work, though," he added. "I wanted to do Prince William and his wife Kate, but there are no good photos of William. He almost never looks into the camera."

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He said that he's gotten "a lot of positive feedback from celebrities, but only German ones that are not known in the U.S. In Germany celebrities are not so far away as in the U.S. If you tag them on Instagram, they will notice that."

As have we! Be sure to check out his Instagram page to see even more amazing images.

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