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'Arrested Development' sets Netflix premiere date of May 26

Netflix / Today
Ad for "Arrested Development" posted on Facebook.

In case "Arrested Development" fans needed more reasons to get excited, the re-booted show has confirmed two more details on its Facebook page.

First, six years after Fox canceled the series, Netflix is now bringing it back on May 26. Second, there are to be 15 -- not 14, as previously announced -- new episodes. That last one is a bump up from the original announcement of a mere 10 episodes, which creator Mitch Hurwitz said was thrown out initially as kind of a joke.

"We always knew there were going to be 14 (episodes)," creator Mitch Hurwitz told reporters in January at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour. "The idea was: Let’s say there’s 10, and then the fans will be so happy when we say there’s even more!"

For now, fans will just have to sit and wait quietly until May 26. As the Facebook page post (of a large orange shipping container) suggested, "Try to contain yourself."

Like that's going to work!

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