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Arnold tells Jimmy Fallon, 'Get to da choppah!'

Give the man credit, Arnold Schwarzenegger knows how to make fun of himself. On Monday night's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," the actor-bodybuilder-former California governor slyly delivered two of his most famous movie lines in a comedy sketch.

Fallon and Schwarzenegger played two QVC shopping channel hosts hawking kitchen appliances, but while Fallon dwelled on the blender, Schwarzenegger wanted to move on to the other product. That created, of course, a perfect set-up for Schwarzenegger to deliver his classic line from "Predator," "Get to da choppah!"

When Fallon still wouldn't switch appliances, Schwarzenegger again belted out, "GET TO DA CHOPPAH!" and overturned the demonstration table in frustration.

But the movie homages weren't over yet. As Fallon 's character tried to cut to commercial, he promised the show would return, setting up Schwarzenegger to deliver his even-more-famous "Terminator" line: "I'll be back."

Good thing it wasn't a tum-ah.

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