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Arnold Schwarzenegger surprises now-grown kids of 'Kindergarten Cop' during reunion

Hi kids, Mr. Kimble is back!
/ Source: TODAY

Thirty years after graduating from kindergarten, the kids from Astoria Elementary had a surprise reunion with their teacher, Mr. Kimble!

Arnold Schwarzenegger surprised six cast members from the 1990 classic "Kindergarten Cop" in a Zoom event with Yahoo Entertainment on Monday for the movie's 30th anniversary.

"I haven't seen you guys in all these years — it's like wild," Schwarzenegger said.

The six former child stars, who played kindergarteners in the beloved action-comedy, were stunned after seeing the Terminator himself join the call about 35 minutes into their chat.

"Are you serious?" said Miko Hughes, who played Joseph, the boy who famously educated Schwarzenegger's character on the anatomical differences between boys and girls. "I'm really surprised. I would've never expected this. It's so great to see you."

"Oh my God!" said Krystle Mataras, who appeared with her twin sister, Tiffany.

In the Ivan Reitman flick, Schwarzenegger played LAPD detective John Kimble, who goes undercover at a school in Oregon to catch a drug dealer.

The cast members in the reunion included Christian Cousins, who played the central character of Dominic, the boy whom Schwarzenegger saves from his abusive dad.

"By the way, after 30 years I want to thank you again for saving my life from Richard Tyson in the locker room area," said Cousins, who is now an executive at a furniture company. "And I'm glad you ended up with my mom for that movie ... It was a pleasure playing Dominic with you."

Hughes was part of the reunion along with the Mataras twins, who played pony-tailed sisters who delivered a classic line about their father's endurance in the bedroom.

Brian Wagner, who played a boy who eats everyone's lunch and spit Cheetos onto the action star, also took part in the chat along with Adam Wylie, who played a cute redhead named Larry.

Wagner, fittingly, is now in the food business, while Wylie is still acting and is also a magician.

Schwarzenegger said he received a phone call a few hours before the reunion asking him if he wanted to join.

"For 30 years now people have been talking about this movie," he said.

"It's like the kids love to watch it, grownups love to watch it, you can watch it with your grandfather at home, your parents, so everyone enjoys it," he added.

Schwarzenegger also talked about the origins of his famous line, "It's not a tumor!"

"There were some times when we realized that when I say certain lines in the class because of my accent and because of the way I say things, the kids were laughing," he said.

"I would just scream, 'It's not a tumor, it's not a tumor at all!' and the kids would be laughing instead of being scared, and so (director) Ivan Reitman ran over to me after and he says, 'I'm going to print that, I'm gonna keep that.'"

He even credited the movie with helping prepare him to be a father. His oldest daughter, Katherine, was born in 1989, right around the time of the movie.

"Hanging out with you guys in the breaks and talking to you guys, this movie really helped me become a better parent myself with my kids," he said. "It really helped me raise my kids."

The movie continues to resonate, as co-star Pamela Reed noted on TODAY last week. (There was a sequel, "Kindergarten Cop 2," that came out in 2016 starring Dolph Lundgren, but it did not feature the original cast.)

"There is no project that I am approached (about) — on the street, in the store, in the restaurant or wherever I am — by people so often," Reed said about the original.

Schwarzenegger is still playing Mr. Kimble, as he said he's doing voiceover work for an upcoming animated take on the movie dreamed up by late Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

Schwarzenegger was so excited to see everyone that he now wants to have a face-to-face reunion at his house as soon as it's safe.

"We get together and have a party and really get the gossip going and all the details of how you got here from 30 years ago," he said.

Mr. Kimble then left his former pupils with some parting words.

"I'm proud of all you, so keep up the great work!" He said. "Put that cookie down!"