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Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller sweats through shirt in first 11 minutes of game

Coaching your team through March Madness can be stressful, but it really made Arizona Wildcats coach Sean Miller sweat. During Thursday's first-round NCAA game between the Wildcats and Wichita State, Miller completely soaked his shirt!

Jim Rogash / Getty Images
Sean Miller of the Arizona Wildcats was soaking in it.

It sounds hard to believe, but the pictures don't lie: This is how Miller, a veteran coach in his seventh season at Arizona, looked just 11 minutes into the game:

Awash in concern, assistants made sure he could change his shirt during halftime (maybe he picked up an undershirt at the same time):

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Naturally, folks on the Internet released a gusher of comments:

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Look, when they tell you to make it rain, some people just take it more seriously than others. (And here's hoping Mr. Miller doesn't actually have a medical condition that precipitates such issues like hyperhidrosis.)

In any case, we hope someone brings a torrential number of towels to the next game: Miller will probably need them: Arizona lost to Wichita 65-55.