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Are there more little Pitts on the way?

‘We'll let you know,’ jokes actor to Palm Springs crowd
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Could there be more little Pitts on the way?

Over the weekend, Brad Pitt made Palm Springs the latest stop on his world tour with a solo appearance that even had the other stars getting all worked up.

The crowd roared as Brad made his way down the red carpet, waving to fans."I want to scream too," Jessica Biel joked with Access Hollywood. "Oh, Brad!"

A solo Brad ("The family is back in LA," he told Access) caused hysteria at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Saturday night, donning a nice black suit and thin white tie – clean shaven with his blond hair slightly spiked.

After Brad took a few minutes to greet his fans, he delighted photographers by posing with his "Babel" co-star Rinko Kikuchi. The whole cast won an award for Best Ensemble.

"It's a big deal for us, especially given the international nature of the cast, coming from all over the world, different languages," Brad said of the film. "We're very proud of this film."

On the red carpet, Brad joked that since he's averaging three children a year, he and Angelina Jolie will either adopt, or birth, another one soon.

"We'll let you know when we get there," he grinned.

In the middle of the media mayhem, a lucky Sienna Miller was called over by Brad for a quick greeting kiss.

"He's ugly, isn't he?" Sienna joked with Access.

"And really mean. Not nice either," she laughed.

Meanwhile, Brad is already working with Cate Blanchett (Brad's leading lady in "Babel") again on "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," which will temporarily relocate Brad and family to New Orleans.

"It's going really well," Brad told us. "We wrapped about 6 a.m. this morning and then got on a plane and got our crusty asses here."