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Are ‘Race’ contestants getting younger?

Season 12 of 'The Amazing Race' already is in the can, but despite rumors to the contrary, there has been no official age change for the show.
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Q: When will applications come out again for “The Amazing Race”? I see that they will be featuring younger contestants. Does that mean us over-30s are out of the running? — Dave, Michigan

A: The show has already taped its 12th season, so regardless of your age, you're out of the running. And no, there has been no official age change. The show's executive producer simplydescribed the cast to the media as younger, which only means that this group is younger than previous ones. When the show cast for the 12th season earlier this year, the rules stated only that "Both members of each team must be at least 21 years of age."

The show isn't yet casting for a possible 13th season, perhaps because CBS has only officially renewed it for the 12th season. When and if it starts casting again, CBS will offer a link to theapplication at; if you want to see what that involves, the application and rules for season 12 .

By the way, if you're missing "The Amazing Race" and can't wait for its mid-season return I highly recommend checking out an amazing .

“The Race” is currently in its on Ithaca College's ICTV, and all episodes from the first and second season are . Produced by Ithaca graduate Pete Berg, the series doesn't circle the globe, but its challenges, drama, cast and editing are reminiscent of the series that inspired it — so much so that you'll quickly forget you're watching something that doesn't have a multi-million dollar budget.

Q: What ever happen to all the Bachelors and the Bachelorettes? Where are they now? Trista and Ryan had a baby but did anyone else get married from the show? Where's Bob? — Sheri, Penn.

A: They all broke up. All of them. Well, not quite, but it's really close: Only two couples have survived “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”: Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado, from the sixth season, and “Bachelorette” couple Trista and Ryan Sutter, who recently had a baby.

Every single other couple has broken up, which makes current “Bachelor” Brad Womack's suggestion that he wants to find his soulmate on the show seem even more ridiculous.

Most recently, one of “The Bachelor”’s two remaining couples, Charlie O'Connell and Sarah Brice from the seventh season, revealed that they ended their (relatively long-lasting) relationship over the summer.

Before that announcement, MSN's TV blog looked back at what I like to call the show's relationship carnage, and surveyed .

As to Bob Guiney, he married Rebecca Budig of “All My Children” three years ago.

Q: There was a show about 4-5 years ago that aired on TBS. It was three couples renovating three houses. Each week they would compete for the top dollar amount to renovate a specific room/area in or outside of the house. In the end, only one couple got to keep their house. They had to do the work by themselves. What was the name of it and would it ever come back to TV. That was a great show. — Lori, Penn.

A: That sounds like “House Rules,” a TBS show that aired in the fall of 2003. As you said, it followed three couples who renovated three different houses with the help of product placement by Lowe's. Viewers voted, and Bill and Cindy Fernandez were allowed to keep the house they renovated.

There's been no word that the show will ever return. In 2003, TBS was known as TBS Superstation, and it later evolved to just TBS, a network whose motto is “very funny.” Its reality series since then have had more humorous themes ("The Real Gilligan's Island" and “Outback Jack,” for example), and now the network seems to focus largely on reruns of comedies from “Sex and the City” to “Family Guy,” and its original series are also comedies.

“Why oh Why can't we have 2 ‘Amazing Races’? That is by far the best reality show on TV! I am truly disappointed and wait anxiously for the show to start in February.”  --Jane

“I enjoy the game shows, great time for the family to sit and watch tv. The kids love ‘Smarter Than a 5th Grader’ and ‘Deal or No Deal.’ But why do the networks have to plug their adult shows during these game shows. Every commercial is for ‘Law & Order,’ ‘CSI,’ or the like. Using words like rape, murder, showing parts of scenes, etc. I love the family bonding time, but then we have to turn the channel to PBS kids during commercials.”    --Eric

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