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Are Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus back together?

Are Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus back together?

Brother Joe may have outed the reunited couple on “Larry King Live” on Thursday in response to a question from King.

After asking Joe if he had a girlfriend, to which Joe said, “Yes, I do,” King asked if she was as famous as Nick’s.

“I don’t think anybody’s as famous as Miley Cyrus,” Joe said.

Joe Jonas has been linked to actress Camilla Bell, having previously dated musician Taylor Swift.

Of Cyrus, Nick said in response to an earlier question that things between them were going well.

“It’s good, it’s nice to have reconnected with her,” Nick said. “For a little while there, we had not been as reconnected as we are now. It’s good to have the friend back.”

Cyrus returned to single life in recent weeks after breaking up with model Justin Gaston.

She and Nick Jonas had previously dated for two years, with Cyrus revealing in an interview with Seventeen that the couple had been “in love.”

Still, Nick told King that things between them aren’t serious.

“I’m still very young, 16,” Nick said. “I’ve got a lot of life left to live. I’m just enjoying [things].”