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Are ‘Entourage’ boys like their characters?

Grenier says he’s most like Eric; Dillon says he’s most like Vince
\"Entourage\" cast members, left to right, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven pose at the premiere for the third season of the show in Los Angeles, Thursday, June 1, 2006.Chris Pizzello / AP
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Is reel life anything like real life?

When it comes to the guys from the hit HBO comedy “Entourage,” Access wondered: are they just like the bad boy characters they play on TV?

Or do they stay home doing the dishes on a Saturday night?

We caught Adrian Grenier, who plays rising movie star Vincent Chase, on the red carpet for “Entourage's” third season premiere and got the straight scoop.

The surprise? Adrian hit the red carpet early, a fact that he told us makes him most like his best buddy on the show.

“Did you see how punctual I am?” Adrian laughed. “I'm more like E., in fact where the hell is Vince? Where's Vince? This is weird.”

In real life, Kevin Dillon, aka Johnny “Drama” Chase, thinks he'd be a split personality!

“I would say I'm probably in between Vince and Drama,” Kevin laughed. “You know, you always put a lot of yourself into the character, so I put a bit in there. But I think I'm a little more laid back. Vince is so laid back and that's what I love about his character, he's just like, ‘Whatever, man.’ However it goes, it goes. And I have a little bit of that where Drama's a lot more stressed out and more high-strung. But of course, there is a lot of me in Drama as well. A lot of Drama in me, I should say.”

What about Jerry Ferrara, who portrays the Brooklyn boy Turtle? Is he the same? Well, not-so-much.

“I think I am most like the Eric character,” Jerry told Access. “I analyze everything. I'm one of those guys that goes to sleep thinking about what I have to do the next day, like, I try to be on point. I think I'm most like the Eric character.”

But some of the guys are exactly the same ... give or take a few years.

Take Rex Lee for instance, who plays Lloyd, uber-agent Ari Gold's put upon personal assistant.

“Oh, well, you know what? Apparently, I'm most like Lloyd,” Rex laughed. “Lloyd is really, I'm playing a version of myself from three or four years ago. So I'd have to say Lloyd.”

Kevin Connolly, whose character Eric also is known as E, arrived at the premiere with his number one offscreen lady, Nicky Hilton.

But when asked if he was most like his character on the show, Kevin wasn't so sure.

“Really? Well, I don't know, I think people think that because he's very much a regular guy, doesn't have a lot of jokes, he's just sort of along for the ride and sort of watching all the madness and Drama and Turtle, some crazy, great characters, Ari,” Kevin laughed. “So, I just kinda stand around and set it up on the tee for them and let them have the jokes.”

Even Miss Paris Hilton sees herself in “Entourage,” which isn't a surprise since she kind of lives that life anyway.

“I'd be most like Adrian,” she said.

“Vince?” Access asked.

“Vince? OK, I'd be most like Vince.”