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Are Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen Reconciling?!

Are Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g?
/ Source: E!online

Are Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g?

Charlie is without his goddess and Brooke is single, too, so does that mean the constantly battling, formerly married couple are going back to their old tricks--together?

We have the inside scoop on what could possibly be the world's most shocking reconciliation...

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Despite sharing a Toronto Maple Leafs T-shirt, this gossip is false! For the most part...

"They're not together, they're not hanging out regularly, but they have been talking," a Mueller pal tells us exclusively.

"Brooke went over to his house once and they talked about everything, mainly the kids," adds our insider. "They are back on talking terms, that's it. They are not back together in any sense other than sharing kids together."

And while Brooke has primary custody of the couple's twin boys, papa Charlie did get to see the tots this past weekend.

"Charlie spent time with his boys over the weekend and Brooke was there too," adds our Mueller source. "Everyone is getting along."

But with goddesses having vacated Sober Valley Lodge and Charlie still unemployed, it seems Brooke and the kids are the only people the usually party-happy pops has seen these days!

"He's been hibernating. He rarely sees people," explains the source close to the couple. "No one really knows what he does."

But not to worry, history won't be repeating itself anytime soon, as our Sheen-Mueller vet assures us Brooke is just hanging with her ex to keep things smooth for the fam.

"Brooke doesn't want to get back together with Charlie again. She wants to be on good terms with him for the sake of the children."

Smart move, B! We wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of Charlie's hate-powered torpedoes, either!

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