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Are Aniston and Vaughn an official couple?

The couple have reportedly been ‘kissing and making out’ in Chicago
/ Source: Access Hollywood

What new Hollywood couple were seen dancing, singing and meeting the guy’s Mom?

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, who made the cover of People magazine for doing just those things.

It looks to Access like Jen has bounced back in a big way.

With a smiling Jen on the cover — and the headline: “Hot New Romance” — it’s official. Jen and Vince are a couple!

“I definitely think there's a romance going on there,” said Larry Hackett, of People. “These are two people who feel its OK to be out in public and showing their affection.”

Jen’s been single for 10 months following the breakup of her marriage to Brad Pitt.

People guru Hackett isn't kidding. Jen, and her “Break Up” co-star, were seen openly kissing all over Chicago.

“Could you have possibly chosen a different title [for the movie]?” Access’ Billy Bush asked Jen in Las Vegas.

“Well, ya' know, I figured just seize the moment, ya know,” Jen told Billy.

Jen and Vince met on the “Break Up” set and have denied being a couple ever since!

“Nothing wrong with having pretty girls around, always makes the day go faster,” Vince said early on.

“We're not dating, but she's a lovely girl!” Vince told David Letterman.

Vince was undaunted by the constant tabloid speculation

“I don't take it personally, ya know, people are trying to sell papers,” said Vince, in an interview.

Well, they're selling now! On Oct. 11, Jen flew 1,800 miles from a magazine photo shoot to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to be with Vince.

The two were reportedly spotted in Chicago “kissing and making out” at the Holiday Club bar.

“They usually come in late at night, so nobody really bothers them,” said Tim Juliusson of the Holiday Club.

Two days later, the pair were seen kissing at the legendary Chicago steak house, Gibson’s.

On Friday, Oct. 14 — with Jen sitting on Vince's lap — the pair shared a kiss before strolling around Lake Forest where Vince grew up. The couple even had lunch with Vince's mom and stepdad.

“That's something people do when they feel it's a serious thing,” Hackett said. “And it's someone you want to meet, you're proud, you're happy about it, you want to show them, ‘Hey, this is my mom. This is where I'm from. This is my life,’” Hackett explained.

On Saturday, People reported the pair were snuggling and reading the morning papers on Jen's hotel terrace.

The couple is in Los Angeles Wednesday, with Vince hanging out at the newly-renovated Friar’s Club, where his friend, and “Swingers” co-star, Jon Favreau, is hosting.

And Thursday, Jen will co-host “Couture Cares: A Benefit For Breast Cancer” in Bel Air.