Arby's buys Pharrell Williams' iconic hat for $44,100

Image: Pharrell Williams
Paul Buck / EPA
Pharrell Williams and his hat.DANNY MOLOSHOK / Today

Reunited, and it feels so good. Arby's, which got a bit of a free plug during the Grammys when Pharrell Williams wore a Vivienne Westwood hat that resembles the lid in the fast food chain's logo, has brought everything full circle by winning the eBay auction for the headpiece. 

The company paid $44,100 in the auction, which closed on Sunday before the Oscars began. Proceeds will go to Williams' charity From One Hand to AnOTHER

Williams tweeted out a thanks to the anonymous bidder — and Arby's quickly served up their reply.



This ends the back-and-forth that began in January, when Pharrell first made major buzz on the red carpet with the oversized hat, and Arby's tweeted out:



Williams shot right back:



No word yet on exactly what the chain will do with the hat, or whether it'll make a bid for the musician's tuxedo shorts, which garnered him even more headlines at the Oscars on Sunday night.