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Is Anything Worse Than The Smurfs? The Five Worst Summer Movie Trailers

Summer releases are just heating up and trailers are popping up every where you turn.
/ Source: E!online

Summer releases are just heating up and trailers are popping up every where you turn.

Last week we helped you swift through the madness with a list of the five best tailers of the summer (you're welcome). This week we thought we would take it one step further and fill you in on the movies that you might want to skip.

From little blue creatures to yet another installment of two franchises, we've got the five worst summer movie trailers right here...

The SmurfsWhile we love Neil Patrick Harris and Glee's Jayma Mays, this trailer isn't quite working. Not only are there a crazy amount of cliches and shamless product placements, but it also seems as if they are playing a game of "how many times can we say smurf?" (Twelve times in just the trailer. Yes, we counted.)

Release Date: July 29th

Rise of the Planet of the ApesThis prequel gives us a look at just how the apes were able to take over the planet. James Franco plays a scientist that develops a drug which "allows the brain to repair itself," and decides to test it on an ape. Of course, the ape becomes too smart and things get a little crazy. With all the superheros and villians hitting the big screen this summer, this story line seems to fall flat.

Release Date: August 5th

Final Destination 5As if we needed another reason to fear, well everything, the Final Destination franchise is releasing yet another installment. From lasers going berserk to accupuncture gone wrong, the characters begin to die one by one. Have that dj vu feeling? Us too! It's called Final Destination 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Release Date: August 12th

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the WorldWe may be excited to see Jessica Alba and Joel McHale finally together, but we're not as excited about the actual film. With an evil villian (Jeremy Piven) threating to end the world, it's up to this family to save the world. While we're happy the original spy kids will appear, this installment seems a little too corny.

Release Date: August 19th

Conan the BarbarianJason Momoa takes on the role of Conan, and he is pretty badass in the trailer. So why is the movie on the five worst list? As a whole it doesnt get us excited to see what is going to happen. Plus, some of the characters and scenes just seem plain weird. Being so action packed, we were excpecting something more.

Release Date: August 19th

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