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Another unanimous vote-off on ‘Survivor’

Ashley Trainer, 22, the recent college graduate from Maple Grove, Minn., was voted out of "Survivor Samoa" after Foa Foa lost yet again.
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The tribe has spoken: Ashley Trainer, 22, the recent college graduate from Maple Grove, Minn., was voted out of "Survivor Samoa" after Foa Foa lost yet again. While the tribe said they didn't know who they'd vote for going into Tribal Council, because it was raining and they couldn't strategize individually, everyone ended up voting for Ashley. That's probably because she didn't help at all in the immunity challenge and single-handedly lost the reward challenge for them. Oops.

Samoa smoothie: Jeff Probst made smoothies of gross-looking food for the immunity challenge. But the ingredients were more appetizing than watching the Survivors drink. Probst made a smoothie of milk and jelly fish for the two Russells, and while Russell Swan finished his quickly, Russell H. spit it back into his glass — and then re-drank it. In the final round, Ashley couldn't finish hers, gagging as Erik said, "It looks like she already vomited in the glass, and she's gotta drink the vomit."

Steak ache: When Galu won reward, Russell said Shambo had to go spy on the other tribe and miss the reward of steaks. She immediately fought back: "Excuse me? I don't think that's very fair since I've already been," she said. He sent her anyway, telling his tribe later, "It really sucked when she lost our chicken," adding that "this should clean her slate." While Shambo said, "I'm so bummed out; I'm pissed," when she got to Foa Foa, she swung 180 degrees the other way, basically lying to them. "I don't need a damn steak; I'll take a group hug," she said. Hugs: fewer calories yet much more filling than steaks.

Liar liar: Shambo shared the immunity idol clue, which revealed its location, with Foa Foa. Liz confronted Russell H., saying "You've been in that tree. ... I'm telling you, you are lying to me." Russell, who did indeed get the idol from the tree, said, "You're freaking me out right now. ... You're walkin' on thin ice." Actually, Russell, that's you, since you just got called out.

Thanks for clearing that up: Brett explained that the immunity challenge was important because "it's the first immunity challenge after we lost the last immunity challenge." That's good, because if you'd lost the second immunity challenge after the last immunity challenge, that'd be in the future and everyone would be even more lost than before we started listening to you.

The power of nature: The tribes spent most of the episode suffering in the cold and rain, and earlier, Erik talked about the ocean's power as waves slammed into him and knocked him down while he was washing himself off. "This ocean is a real bitch," he said. "I've never see an object, inanimate or animate, that was as angry and fickle as this ocean." His words carry even more weight now now that we know that most of the southern part of the island of Upolu, where the series was taped, was destroyed by the tsunami.

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