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Another ‘Survivor’ sent home from Brazil

If you can't earn your tribemates' trust, you just aren't going to last long on "Survivor." Another castaway found that out the hard way this week.
/ Source: contributor

The tribe has spoken: Brendan was voted out by the alliance led by Tyson and Coach, and that will just make Coach's ego even bigger than it already is. "Brendan's the dragon, I'm the dragonslayer, this is going to be the biggest power move to date of this game, no question about it," Coach said, later calling himself "the chosen one." Ultimately, Brendan left apparently because no one trusted him; Brendan and Taj formed the Exile alliance, but even she voted for him, making Brendan the first jury member.

New strategy: Brendan bonded with J.T. at the reward — whitewater rafting — and said that his new goal was "getting to an outcome at the end of the game which is going to satisfy me. If [J.T.] wins it, that's like me winning this game." Well, except for the part where he'll have $1 million and you won't.

Tell me lies, tell me outrageous lies: Coach shared a story with the tribe — there are only "three people in the world that know this story," he said — about being abducted, tied to a stake, and beaten with a club by indigenous people when he was kayaking the Amazon, and before they killed him he wriggled through ropes like an action hero and kayaked his way to safety. Listening to this story, the other tribe members — several of whom later said they didn't believe Coach — all looked tired and sleepy, and probably grateful that it was pitch black and only the infrared cameras could see them. "I just can't describe the feeling of being stalked by another human being," Coach said. Well, if it's anything like listening to your stories, it must be terrible.

Unnecessary metaphor of the week: Coach, who calls himself the "dragonslayer" because he voted out Brendan, said his next target "Sierra is the bowel movements that comes out of the dragon."

Push!: Stephen was exiled by himself, and once there, he said that "either I would make fire, make food, or I would die." Eventually, he started a fire, and was so thrilled he said "it was like giving birth to my first child." So it's not only a significant accomplishment, but also a miraculous, nature-defying one. Bravo.