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Another failed romance for Britney Spears

Pop star's latest boyfriend tells Complex magazine that their relationship is now only professional, but adds ‘She had something special.’
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Another day, another Britney Spears romance revealed. This one, however, didn’t go the distance.

“Yes, Britney and I were dating, before the crotch-shot thing,” music producer J.R. Rotem revealed in the upcoming issue of Complex magazine. But Rotem — who has worked with Paris Hilton, 50 Cent and Destiny’s Child — says their relationship now is mostly professional.

“Now it’s kind of rocky between us. We’re working together still, but I’m not sure if I want to be tied down, period.” He then boasted of some of his other pairings, though he didn’t say if they were personal or professional. “Britney, Mya, Bai Ling, Hayden Panettiere, Meagan Good — it’s a pretty big list, and it’s growing,” he said. “Britney got me the furthest.  She had something special.”

Model coupleHas Naomi Campbell finally met her match?

The cell phone-hurling supermodel has been spending time with Gerard Butler, the spear-hurling star of “300,” according to

The new twosome have apparently been going to great lengths to avoid coverage of their budding relationship.

“[Campbell] came out of the hotel first and got into a waiting SUV,” an “eyewitness” told “Then a few minutes later, Gerard came out and got into the vehicle. And when they arrived back, they got out of either side of the vehicle and went into the hotel separately.”

Notes from all overOrlando Bloom says that when you reach a certain level of fame, privacy gets pricey. “I was talking to Johnny [Depp] on the set one time. I said, ‘Can you believe they pay you this much money to do a job you love?’” The “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” star tells the Green issue of Elle. “And he said, ‘Privacy becomes really expensive.’ It’s true.” ... John Travolta says he has no career regrets — except, maybe, that he’s not Tom Hanks. “I wouldn’t trade [my career] for anyone’s except Tom Hanks’, I don’t think,” the “Wild Hogs” star told the London Independent. “Other than ‘Forrest Gump’ and ‘The Green Mile,’ which I was offered and should have done, and ‘Splash’ was written for me, I still like my career better because of what I specifically contribute to it.” Travolta said he also had to turn down the role that went to Richard Gere in “An Officer and a Gentleman” because he was busy getting his pilot’s license ... Marilyn Manson says he coped with his divorce from stripper Dita Von Teese by immersing himself in work on his forthcoming album. When asked by Revolver magazine to describe the music, the goth rocker replied, “I’d say it’s got a cannibal, consumption, obsessive, violent-sex, romance angle — but with an upbeat swing to it.”

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