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Another doomed Tom Cruise flick?

At this point, everybody knows just how successful Tom Cruise’s new film “Lions for Lambs” wasn’t, and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we can already start judging his next film, “Valkyrie,” for ourselves.

The trailer hit the Web, and the collective response among industry insiders I spoke to was that this next flick isn’t going to fare well, either. “He isn’t making money in the theaters anymore, and considering that just about every penny that a movie makes has to go back to the actor, it makes it really tough for any films to make any money,” says one insider.

Jay-Z is finally done retiring
Repeat retiree Jay-Z sat down and discussed his habit of calling it quits on his career in the December issue of Blender. When asked point-blank whether his new album, “American Gangster,” will be his last, he safely replied, “I’m never gonna say that again. I was watching [the 2005 live DVD] ‘Fade to Black’ the other day, and I was cringing. Because I kept saying, ‘When you're making your last album …,’ and I’m on my second album after that. I had to turn it off. It was too uncomfortable.” Also uncomfortable for many: the fact that you can’t pick up Jay-Z’s album on iTunes. The reasoning? “As movies are not sold scene by scene, this collection will not be sold as individual singles,” he says. OK, then.

In case you haven't heard ...“Dirty Sexy Money” will make it through the writer’s strike fine, thanks to fans so fanatic, they’ve made up a MySpace page for Patrick Darling. (If you check it out, you’ll be surprised to see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are some of Darling’s “friends.” … Also, ‘Hills’ star Heidi Montag just signed a one-year deal to be the face of hip Los Angeles boutique Anchor Blue. I hear that Spencer Pratt is trying to glom onto the deal as well.