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Anne Hathaway: Sex With Jake Gyllenhaal Hurts!

Having sex with Jake Gyllenhaal can be kinda painful.
/ Source: E!online

Having sex with Jake Gyllenhaal can be kinda painful.

Just ask Anne Hathaway...

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The two spend a lot of their new movie, Love and Other Drugs, bumping and grinding. "On one take you swung me into the pot!" the 28-year-old actress says in a joint interview with Gyllenhaal and director Edward Zwick in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. "The lack of clothing meant there wasn't a lot of padding, so I was constantly bruised...I had a welt on my knee."

The dramedy, out Nov. 24, has both actors stripping down quite a bit.

Gyllenhaal jokes about the tape the two used to cover their bits and pieces, saying, "It supposedly was the same tape that they used on Pirates of the Caribbean to keep everybody's wigs on."

"It's very strong tape," Hathaway added.


Just this morning, Gyllenhaal, 29, talked to our E! pal Ryan Seacrest on his radio show about prepping with Anne before shooting their love scenes. "We really just talked about what positions we liked and disliked," he cracked. "There's one called the Hathaway special, but I won't get into it."

(Originally published Nov. 18, 2010, at 5:30 p.m. PT)

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