Anne Hathaway finds out if blondes have more fun

IMAGE: Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway was a blonde at the May 6 gala.Today

Do blondes have more fun? Anne Hathway, who's sported short brunette locks since cutting her hair for "Les Miserables," tried to find out Monday night at the 2013 Costume Institute Gala at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Her platinum locks brought out her dark brown eyes and complemented the black lace vintage Valentino gown she wore.

"It's just something I wanted to do forever and this seemed like a really good opportunity to give it a go," Hathaway told E!

She wasn't the only one trying out a new hair color at the gala. Nicole Richie's usual blond hair was painted -- not dyed, painted -- silver. (The Huffington Post called it "ghostly grey.") Richie joked to E! that "My recommendation to everybody is not to kiss me or touch me because it'll come off."

The drastic 'dos applied to accessories as well. Sarah Jessica Parker also drew attention to her head with a fancy hat that was a cross between a Mohawk, a Roman soldier's helmet, and a typewriter eraser.