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Anna ‘was going to share’ TrimSpa crown

Prior to her death, Anna Nicole Smith had plans to help TrimSpa —the company that had become synonymous with her name and image — find a new spokesperson, Access Hollywood has learned.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Prior to her death, Anna Nicole Smith had plans to help TrimSpa —the company that had become synonymous with her name and image — find a new spokesperson, Access Hollywood has learned.

“We have an event coming up between the 18th and 25th where we are actually looking for a new face for TrimSpa. Anna Nicole was judging the event and coming to the event,” TrimSpa CEO Alex Goen told Access in an interview with correspondent Tim Vincent.

“So she was already going to step down?” Tim asked Goen.

“I wouldn’t call it step down. She was going to share the throne,” Goen responded.

“She recognized her story was getting old and we needed some fresh stories. We had a lot of stories. The whole weight thing, it was a passion for her. If you knew Anna, she was a crusader for three things. I mean, one thing was for Daniel and children. The other thing was for animals and the other thing was for people that had a weight challenge. Whether they still had the challenge, I mean, she could relate to them because she was made fun of for so many years with her weight,” Goen continued.

“She used to hug these people. I remember her embracing people and just sharing tears with them for 20 minutes. I don’t know exactly what they said to each other but you could tell at times they were tears of joy and at times tears of sorrow. It’s a painful, painful challenge that people are faced with when they have a weight issue. It compromises so many parts of our lives… And so she was going to do this event. She was really looking forward to the event.”

Howard K. Stern, Anna’s partner, did not want Anna to work too hard though.

“One of the frustrations that we had with Howard was that Howard would say, ‘OK, she only can work maybe six hours a day or three hours a day. We don’t want… she can’t work every single day. There’s times that she is going to probably break down and you are going to have to understand she is going to need a break.’

“And then I would talk to Anna, and Anna would say ‘I want to do the whole entire day of judging.’ I would say, ‘Anna it’s a 12-hour day.’

‘That’s OK, I want to do the whole day. I want to be there for every single event. I want to meet the contestants,’” she’d respond to Goen.

Goen also told Access new information regarding the reported class action lawsuit, prior to Anna’s death. He says that there was no lawsuit served.

“First there was said to be a class action lawsuit served on the company. We never had service. We did look at this suit… we got it somehow in the media. This class action box is not checked off so it is not a class action lawsuit. It has to have a check there. It’s interesting how they listed Anna Nicole’s name first in the suit. It would be like listing any other celebrated customer that lost weight with TrimSpa. I mean, she lost weight with TrimSpa,” he says.

“She didn’t design the product or didn’t do all these studies on the product. She was a success story like all these other success stories. I mean when you take a look at it, it looked like a publicity stunt, and you know what? It worked! Unfortunately when Anna Nicole’s name is in something it gets attention.”

Access Hollywood has reached out to the attorney representing the plaintiffs in this lawsuit, but has not yet heard back at this time.

As for the state of TrimSpa?

“You know from a company perspective you want to be friendly to the media; you want to be treated well by the media, so you want to cooperate whatever you possibly can. So we’ve got, I’ve got an issue, that I have to deal with business-wise. My back is against a wall. I’m certainly concerned about whether or not we can make it. I think the odds are right now possibly against us. I mean we are going to give it all we have,” Goen says.