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Is Anna Nicole using baby as cash cow?

Anna Nicole Smith has been peddling exclusive pics of her baby daughter to the tabs, says a source, and has used the cash to buy a house in the Bahamas.
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Anna Nicole Smith has been peddling exclusive pics of her baby daughter to the tabs, says a source, and has used the cash to buy a house in the Bahamas.

“After she sold footage and photos of the birth to a TV show, she started seeing that child as a cash cow,” says the insider. “Howard K. Stern [Smith’s lawyer and the man whom she claims is the father of the baby] takes the pictures and they sell them to the highest bidder.” The house in the Bahamas could help Smith maintain residency there, since she’s reportedly being booted from her current house in the island nation, where she’s been living — some say to avoid paternity testing.

The situation has Larry Birkhead — the photographer who says that he, not Stern, is the baby’s father — “outraged” and “disgusted.”

“I’m outraged that they’re trying to pimp my daughter,” Birkhead tells The Scoop. “If Anna wants to sell pictures of herself, that’s one thing, but to conveniently put my daughter in every single photo to up the ante is sick and disgusting. And what’s even more disgusting is that someone would buy them because they are financially assisting someone who’s stockpiling money in an attempt to keep my child from me.”

An uncomfortable pairing?Does Will Smith believe that filmgoers don’t want to see him getting his happiness from Cameron Diaz?

The star of “The Pursuit of Happyness” is one of Hollywood’s most well-liked celebs, but a journalist claims that Smith says he wanted to co-star in a romantic comedy with the Charlie’s Angels star — but worried that the public would be uncomfortable with the interracial pairing.

“Smith, one of the world’s most bankable stars, appears mostly opposite black or Latino women,” noted U.K. writer Leslie O’Toole. “He once confided to me that he’d love to make a romantic comedy with Cameron Diaz but feared that his audience wouldn’t accept it.”

“It’s a shame, but it is what it is,” Thandie Newton, his co-star in “The Pursuit of Happyness” lamented. “I think if it was done in the right way, where race wouldn’t be an issue, it would be great. But you can’t bend people’s minds too quickly.”

Notes from all overLook for David and Victoria Beckham’s friendship with TomKat to intensify now that the soccer star and his former pop star wife are moving to Los Angeles. David Beckham apparently asked his buddy Tom Cruise for advice on the move and followed the Top Gun’s suggestion, telling people that Cruise is “a really wise man.” ... Looks like Britney Spears is hoping to get back her dog-loving fans. After being named the world’s worst celeb pet owner for apparently ignoring her once-pampered pooches after she got married, the “Oops, I Did It Again” girl was recently photographed toting around her Chihuahua Bit Bit, shopping for goodies for the dog. ... Lucy Liu says that a bathtub scene she shot with Nicollette Sheridan was supposed to be steamy — but instead it was chilly. “We were in a kiddie pool wearing lingerie, [it was] freezing, and the bubbles kept dissipating,” Liu said, reports WENN. “They had to keep filling the thing with [more] bubbles [and reshooting]. At one point I was like, ‘That’s the end! You’ve got enough romping!’”

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