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Anna Nicole’s bodyguard dishes about Stern

For years, Big Moe protected Anna Nicole Smith and fully supported Howard K. Stern. Now, days after an investigation was opened into the death of the former Playboy playmate, Big Moe tells Access Hollywood, he feels betrayed by Stern.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

For years, Big Moe protected Anna Nicole Smith and fully supported Howard K. Stern. Now, days after an investigation was opened into the death of the former Playboy playmate, Big Moe tells Access Hollywood he feels betrayed by Howard.

“It’s gotten to the point where I had to say something,” Big Moe told Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts on Tuesday. “I’ve been called a thief and that angers me. . . . I’ve been harassed.”

“By whom?” Potts asked.

“By [Howard’s attorney] Lin Wood and Howard,” he replied. “[They’ve been] sending letters, sending threatening letters.”

Once singing praises for Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole’s longtime bodyguard Big Moe, now claims Stern is launching a smear campaign against him.

“Has there been pressure on you in the last eight months from Howard to keep you quiet?” Potts asked.

“It hasn’t been just Howard. Of course, they don’t want nothing coming out,” Moe said.

Last week, Stern appeared on the “Larry King Live” show alongside Lin Wood. Moe claims Stern insinuated he leaked recently released photos of Anna Nicole Smith, including one where she appeared to have vomit dripping down her chin.

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“He’s gotten on TV [and] called me a thief and a liar,” Moe said. “[He said he] knew I was distributing pictures that should have never been taken in the first place of Anna.

“It’s like a diversion tactic to me,” Moe continued. “Instead of suing and trying to find out who’s selling pictures and who’s calling you gay ...” he trailed off.

As for those allegations within Rita Cosby’s book that claim Larry Birkhead and Stern were lovers, a claim they both deny, Moe, who has worked alongside Stern since 2003, said he never saw anything of that nature.

“I never saw a video, but I can’t be sure it didn’t happen,” he said. “I’ve never seen it.”

“Did you see any behavior that would suggest Howard is gay?” Potts asked.

“I have never seen any behavior that says Howard Stern is gay, but you know, I’m not with him 24/7,” Moe answered.

“Did you ever see him give her drugs?” Potts asked.

“Since we’re being truthful here, yes I have,” Moe said.

“Did he lie?” Tony asked Big Moe.

“He lied about that,” Moe said. “He can’t refute that because I’ve been here all the time.

Drugs, lies and regrets are just a few of the shocking claims unleashed to Access by Smith’s former bodyguard.

“Did you ever see Howard administer anything via needle?” Potts asked.

“Yes,” Moe said.

“What did Howard say was in the needle he was giving her?” Potts then asked.

“B12,” Moe answered.

“Did you believe him?” Potts asked.

“Yes, on some occasions, yes I believed it was B12. On occasion it was something else,” he said.

Calls made to Stern regarding Moe’s drug allegations were not returned.

As one of the last people to see Anna alive inside Florida’s Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Moe confessed that several bad judgments by those around her may have played a role in the former Playmate’s untimely death.

“Do you blame Howard in part for not only Anna’s death, but for the way she lived her life in the last six months?” Potts asked.

“I think we all kind of helped her along, so he had, yes he had a part in it too,” Moe said.

“So Howard had a part in Anna’s death, you had a part in Anna’s death?” Potts asked.

“We all have,” Moe replied.

In the days leading up to her death, Smith had been suffering from flulike symptoms.

On the morning of Feb. 8, she did not leave her bed and appeared to be sleeping. While Stern was out closing a deal on a new yacht, Moe left Smith with his wife, a registered nurse, while he ran errands. Shortly after it was discovered Smith wasn’t breathing.

“Did Howard transact or do anything that day that seems out of character [on the day Anna died]?” Potts asked.

“My wife was there and she really thinks there were weird things going on,” Moe said.

“Take me to the moment you get a call from your wife,” Moe then asked.

“I got a phone call saying that something wasn’t right, Anna’s not making no noise, and I can hear her going ‘Anna, Anna get up! Anna’s not breathing I need you to call 911 right away,’” Moe said.

Moe did not call 911 first. He called Stern.

“At a spur of the moment you do things again that you regret,” Moe said. “That is something I regret. I should not have called Howard first. I don’t think it would [have] made a difference. I hear some reports that she could have been down since early that morning.”

“What is the biggest misconception about what happened on the day that Anna died that you would like people to know?” Potts asked.

“That she was an out of control druggie,” he said. “She was not an out of control junkie. She was a woman who was deeply depressed.”

Unable to recover after the tragic loss of her son Daniel, Moe said Smith turned to medications as a crutch.

“She had her medication that [were] handed to her, that she was helped [in taking],” Moe said.

“That was by whom?” Tony asked.

“It was usually by Howard,” Moe said.

According to Moe, it wasn’t just Stern who helped Smith get medicated.

Moe claims Larry Birkhead would assist her while the two were dating.

“I got more upset with him when he was in court and he said all these things about how he was trying to get Anna off drugs,” Moe said. “There were times that he would give her things to make her look or seem very out of it.”

“Such as?” Potts asked.

“Let’s just say that everything made her tipsy and [it] wasn’t always the champagne he was giving her,” Moe said. “I’ll leave it at that.”

When contacted by Access, Larry Birkhead said Big Moe “has no credibility.”