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Aniston wants to keep personal life private

After seeing her meaningful moments and rumored romances played out in tabloid pages repeatedly, the actress admits she never intended to trade her private life for public success.
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After seeing her meaningful moments and rumored romances played out in tabloid pages time and time again, Jennifer Aniston admits she never intended to trade her private life for public success.

“I feel like (my private life is) no one’s business,” Aniston told Parade magazine. “I don’t know about your life. I don’t want to, truthfully. It’s not my business. It’s a very strange thing. But somehow it’s like there was some clause somewhere that said, ‘Well, you’re a public person so we get to go into your house and search through your drawers.’ I don’t know who came up with it because I wouldn’t have signed on. I don’t think anybody would have.”

But like it or not, the “Love Happens” star realizes privacy is a nearly a thing of the past for her and the rest of the A-list set. It’s a problem she believes starts with gossip magazines but ends with gullible fans.

“It’s embarrassing that people are focused so much and putting so much money into gossip magazines to escape,” Aniston stated. “The paparazzi and the magazines deserve their share of the blame, but they’re just supplying a demand. It’s unfortunate that people don’t care that they’ve been lied to, they don’t care that they’re being sort of messed with and not given the full truth. They buy them anyway.”

Michelle Williams describes moving on after losing Ledger Life without Heath Ledger forced Michelle Williams to come to grips with her own grief while she struggled to raise their daughter, Matilda, alone. In an interview with Vogue magazine, she described the painful process and where it’s led her.

“I was holding it together by a string and a paper clip in the fall and winter (following Heath’s death),” Williams explained. “I didn’t know if I could keep it all together … (I’d) cry, nap, sit and stare, try to figure out what to make (Matilda) for dinner, talk to friends on the phone.”

Carrying on with those mundane activities allowed Williams to move forward. In July of 2008, six months after Ledger’s accidental overdose, she began a relationship with director Spike Jonze. Looking back on it, it’s a romance she now knows was doomed to fail.

“The timing was impossible,” Williams told the magazine. “I thought falling in love again was the only thing that was going to save me from the pain. This erroneous idea: It just makes things more complicated.”

For now the actress is content to narrow her focus and find mutual healing in her relationship with her daughter.

“I’m falling more and more in love with her, and I think she deserves the bulk of my attention,” she said. “We’re lucky. I can work. She can go to a good school. There’s a lot there for her. And she can know her dad in so many ways, and so many of his friends who will be able to tell her so many stories. His friends, his family — they were a big part of his life, and they will be a big part of her life.”

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Training to go toe-to-toe with the competition on the upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars” couldn’t be better for curvy Kelly Osbourne. “I’ve almost lost (14 pounds) already, I’m so excited!” the reality TV star told Closer magazine. “By the end of it I’ll be a lean, mean machine.” Osbourne highly recommends ballroom basics to anyone looking to lose weight. “It’s so amazing,” she added. “I’ve tried so many stupid fad diets to try to lose weight, when all I needed to do was start dancing.” … Charlize Theron can handle just about anything, as long as it’s in plain sight. “I just don’t like it when chaos is hidden,” Theron said in a quote published to Star Pulse. According to the “Hancock” star, she suffers from “a bit of” obsessive-compulsive disorder. “I have a problem with cabinets being messy and people just shoving things in cabinets and closing the door. You can’t. I really, really lie in bed and (am) not able to sleep because I think, ‘I saw something in that cabinet that just shouldn’t be there.’”

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