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Aniston talks directing, dodges commenting on Brad Pitt

Having contributed to the Lifetime film "Five,"  Jennifer Aniston says she's planning to  work more as a director down the road.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Jennifer Aniston appears to enjoy working behind the camera as much she loves being in front of it.

Access Hollywood’s guest correspondent Jill Martin caught up with the star at the premiere of her movie, “Five,” where she directed one of the short films about the impact of breast cancer.

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“It was like a dream come true, honestly, and such an important piece that we all were invested in,” Jen, who is also one of the executive producers on the project, told Access. “It was like working with, not only our best friends, but they’re also incredible producers, and all of us coming together. We just can’t believe that we’re actually here. It’s amazing.”

The Lifetime ensemble project, which also stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Patricia Clarkson and Josh Holloway, could be just the start of Jen’s directing career.

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“Will we see more directing from you?” Jill asked.

“Sure hope so,” Jen said. “That’s the plan. I’m not sure what or when or where, but yes.”

As for a permanent move to New York City, the star said Los Angeles will remain home — at least, for the time being.

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“Not permanently, no,” the star, who has recently been spotted around New York with boyfriend Justin Theroux, explained. “It’s literally like a month or two, just bits and pieces here. LA is really where work is. But I just had to have a little place to lay my head.”

Jennifer Aniston

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The former “Friends” star rises from sitcom sweetheart to tabloid fixture and big screen star.

Jen was also quick to squash talk about Brad Pitt and his recent comments to Parade magazine.

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“Oh, lord, it’s not even worth discussing on a night like this,” she said when asked about the actor’s remarks.

“Five,” which also includes works directed by Demi Moore and Alicia Keys, premieres on Lifetime on Oct. 10 at 9 p.m.

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