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Aniston says Jolie’s Pitt remarks ‘really uncool’

After years of keeping mum, Jennifer Aniston tells Vogue in the December issue that she wasn’t happy about Angelina Jolie revealing details about the early days of her relationship with Aniston's ex, Brad Pitt.
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After years of keeping mum, Jennifer Aniston says in Vogue's December issue that she wasn’t happy about Angelina Jolie revealing details about the early days of her relationship with Aniston's ex, Brad Pitt.

“There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening,” Aniston told Vogue. “I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss. That stuff about how she couldn't wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool.”

Why speak out now? A source close to Aniston said that “Jen still feels like she’s taking the high road — she isn’t revealing any details, she’s simply responding to what Angie has decided to put out there. It’s only fair now.”

Since her marriage to Pitt ended, Aniston has been paired most notably with Vince Vaughn and former model Paul Sculfor. Currently, she and John Mayer seem to be back together. Is it love? Perhaps so. When Vogue asked about their romance, Aniston said, “People need to mind their own business! Did you ever think Claudia Schiffer and David Copperfield made sense? Love just shows up.”

Madonna’s divorce could impact future adoptionsMadonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce could stop Madonna from adopting another baby from Malawi.

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“We can’t approve a child to go into a broken home because the divorce could be the result of the behavior of the party trying to adopt,” Malawian official Penston Kilembe told Life & Style. “Madonna should forget this one.”

But that might not be so easy for the 50-year-old Material Girl, who adopted a Malawian boy, David, now 3, in 2006. (The adoption became official in May.)

“Madonna has been planning this adoption since shortly after she came home with David,” an insider told Life & Style. “Now because of the breakup with Guy, it may not happen. It’s yet another stab in the heart from Guy, in her view.”

As this column previously reported, a Kabbalah source affiliated with Raising Malawi, Madonna’s charity, said that she and baseball star Alex Rodriguez were planning a trip to Malawi together just as soon as the post-divorce dust settles.

“I’d be surprised though, if she were taking him for any adoption purposes,” the source said. ‘I think she’s just taking him because they have a relationship, and he’s good for the cause.”

Forbes’ 10 most influential list — am I being punked?Forbes’ new list of the 10 most influential stars has come out, and I feel like the list was recovered from a time capsule, buried circa 2000.

It reads like this, beginning with No. 1: Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford, James Earl Jones, Julia Roberts.

Clooney and Jolie have worked hard to campaign for human rights in places like Darfur and Afghanistan, so those two make perfect sense. But Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts? Come again?

Roberts really hasn’t made much of a mark, either on-screen or off in terms of driving salaries since her “Erin Brockovich” years, and much as I like Washington and Hanks, this just seems odd. explains that the list is culled together via telephone polling. These systems generally operate via landlines, which do cause results to skew older, but this roundup has me wondering if they only called folks who still use rotary dialing.

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