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Aniston is frustrated with paparazzi

Star says that when she’s out with friends, she’s ‘off the clock’
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Jennifer Aniston is tired of her private life being an open book.

When Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell recently spoke to her, Jen was more outspoken than ever, and seemed visibly upset over how public her life has become.

We asked her about the role of the paparazzi, and recent incidents with stars like Lindsay Lohan.

“[It's] absolutely, ridiculously way out of control, and I don't know what stops it,” Jen told us. “It's becoming dangerous. These guys are out of control and it's like there's this whole new breed of them. They drive on sidewalks, they'll push anybody down.”

Jen said one of the biggest problems is the number of magazines vying for exclusive photos. The tabloids have astronomical budgets. Us Weekly magazine alone spends between $5 million and $8 million a year on photos.

“If there could be just some, some boundaries created, something,” Jen said. “I mean, look, we're all out there doing our job.”

What about the difference between what she considers to be invasive and non-invasive?

Jen talked about the paparazzi that would be at the premiere of her new film, “Derailed.”

“That's my job. I'm working,” she said. “When I'm at home, I'm off the clock. And if I'm going out to dinner with my friends, I'm off the clock.”

You can’t blame Jennifer for being gun-shy about taking questions about her private life, but there’s so much we want to know — Is she dating Vince? Has she talked to Brad? What really caused their split? So of course, Nancy had to get in just one personal question to Jen.

“I have one personal question for you,” Nancy warned.

“Okay, what is it?” Jen wondered.

“Do you watch ‘Joey?’” Nancy smiled.

“I do watch ‘Joey,’” Jen said, relieved. “I have seen ‘Joey.’ I gotta support my buddy.”

Turning to her movie, “Derailed,” Jen plays a sexy temptress in the new thriller, co-starring with Clive Owen.

“There's a point in the movie which says, ‘what kind of payback do you get when you take a relationship for granted,’” Nancy told Jen.

“It's human beings having human experiences, and sometimes you just get slightly derailed,” Jen said. “That grass is greener thing, I guess.”