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Angelina Jolie won’t hurt Jen Aniston’s feelings

Angelina Jolie might have skipped out on the Night Before party before the Oscars because she didn't want to hurt Jennifer Aniston's feelings, said her brother James Haven.

Showing off a substantial baby bump at the Feb. 22 Independent Spirit Awards was a gesture almost dramatic enough to make the public forget that Angelina Jolie was meant to have a run-in with Jennifer Aniston later that same night. Almost.

Among those who haven’t forgotten that the anticipated showdown at the Night Before party at the Beverly Hills Hotel didn’t take place is her often loose-lipped brother, James Haven. Haven said the reason for his sister’s no-show likely has to do with Angie just caring about Jen’s feelings.

“Angie is an incredibly strong but also incredibly sensitive woman, and she would always be careful when another woman’s feelings are concerned,” he told Grazia magazine. “She'd go out of her way to make sure there was no situation that would hurt another woman because of her, and I’m talking about a situation like one of Brad’s ex partners or his ex-wife.”

If by “situation,” he means “showing up looking gorgeous and pregnant with one’s ex-husband’s child,” then Haven might be spot-on.

Fabio’s teeth are NOT capped. Got that?
If George Clooney has taught us anything, it’s to not mess with Fabio. And that’s why we are passing along the following message: Fabio’s teeth are not capped.

Celebrity Sightings

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Celebrity Sightings

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

Details magazine interviewed the “Harlequin Has-Been” in its January/February issue, and Fabio thinks he was misrepresented. “For the record: My teeth are not capped, my eyes are not green and the 1980s are not a blur to me,” Fabio said in a letter penned to the magazine.

Duly noted, Fabs.

Want your kids to dress like Avril Lavigne?
Avril Lavigne’s name hasn’t really been bandied about it fashion circles as much of a sartorial standout, but that isn’t stopping her from launching a fashion line of her own.

The rocker, along with Kohl’s, is launching a junior lifestyle brand called Abbey Dawn (her nickname) that will hit stores in July. The clothing line will include “reggae and skater styles, traditional tartan plaids, checks and stripes, as well as bold colors and mix-and-match prints. (Query: What doesn’t it include?)

There’s also jewelry to be had: “very fun, flirty pieces, gypsy earrings, bangles, rubber bracelets and long necklaces that you wrap around.”

Weekend box office
It had better be an epic weekend at the box office for “10,000 B.C.,” the pre-historical epic that opens in more than 3,300 theaters this weekend. Why it will win: It’s opening in the greatest number of screens and it has a family-friendly rating of PG-13. The film needs to do well. First off, it’s full of special effects that aren’t exactly cheap to produce, and Warner Bros. needs to recoup some of the money it lost on “Fool’s Gold,”  which started out strong but is still considered a financial disappointment by industry standards.

Other contenders include heist thriller “The Bank Job,” which was inspired by the 1971 robbery that took place at the Lloyds Bank in Marylebone London, and dark-horse favorite “The College Road Trip,” which opens in 2,500 theaters. The comedy, which stars Martin Lawrence, Raven-Symone and Donny Osmond, could do surprisingly well.

A note on “Horton Hears a Who”: The film doesn’t open until March 14, but that doesn’t mean the hype isn't getting off to an early start. There’s a nationwide “We Are Here” challenge to find “the loudest city of all” on Sunday, March 9. Check out the Web site to see if your city plans to participate.