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Angelina Jolie: ‘We'll definitely have more’ kids

Six kids keep her busy, but there are more to come, said actress Angelina Jolie.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Running after her little ones may be how Angelina Jolie gets her exercise, but she’s glad she has Brad Pitt to join her.

“I have a great partner,” the world-famous mom told Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell at the “Kung Fu Panda” DVD release party at the Mann Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. “He’s the best daddy and we have fun, so whenever it gets hard we can just look at each other and find a way to laugh about and just appreciate that they’re only little once, and we should enjoy every minute.”

Angie credited her energetic brood with her svelte physique after the birth of twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline.

“I’m running around after six of them,” she told Nancy. “Swimming with the kids a little and things like that, [too].”

And, she told Access, there are more to come.

“Anything could happen,” she said. “We’re open to anything, we love kids and we’re having a great time… It’s chaos in our house, but it’s so much fun. We’ll definitely have more.”

With “Kung Fu Panda 2” in the works, Angelina said another pregnancy wouldn’t interfere with her role as Tigress.

“It’s the action movie I can do with a giant belly, so we’re good,” she said.

Her role in the animated film has made her a star at home, too.

“I’m a big hit at the house,” she said. “It’s cool that I’m Tigress.”

While it sounds like she and Brad have things handled at home, if she ever needs another set of hands – or paws — around the house, she can look to her “Panda” co-star, Jack Black, who told Nancy he would volunteer to babysit.

“If she asks, yeah, I will be ready,” Jack said.