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Angelina Jolie vs. Bosnians: "She Hates Us!"

If the onscreen drama in Angelina Jolie's much buzzed about directorial debut is anything like what's going down behind-the-scenes, we're in for one hell of a movie!
/ Source: E!online

If the onscreen drama in Angelina Jolie's much buzzed about directorial debut is anything like what's going down behind-the-scenes, we're in for one hell of a movie!

It's no secret Angie and the entire country of Bosnia aren't exactly besties--which is why the multitalented mama decided to pack up and shoot elsewhere --and it looks like the Bosnians aren't too sad to see her go.

So just what is creating all this tension?

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The Bosnian beef that's making headlines is over how the movie depicts a rape scene between two characters--who go on to become lovers--at the center of the story. From what we've heard, it's about a Serbian man, a Muslim woman and--here's where the tricky biz comes in--there's some degree of forceful sex. Years later, the two meet up, recognize each other and fall in love.

Thing is: No one's quite sure if there even is a rape scene in the movie.

Still, the Bosnian people are mad because--as an ber-in-the-know political source tells us--they think "Angelina is glamorizing rape." Kind of a grand assumption to make, especially not having seen the script.

"The story is one that is really important to Bosnians--it's basically the Romeo and Juliet of their country," the source continues. "And she is spinning a rape angle that they think is unnecessary."

Unnecessary, indeed, if that were the film she were making. But Angelina has said it's not, even going so far as to write an apology letter to a women's rights organization offended by the rumors.

Then there's an even thornier issue. With the amount of ambassador work A.J.'s done, she, if anyone, should know just how sticky a sitch can get when nasty political agendas come into play--ya know, like the decades' old bad blood between the Bosnians and Serbians.

"It's all politics here," our Bosnia government-savvy source says. "And Angelina cannot even begin to understand these people's precalculations. Serbians are afraid they will look [like] barbarians. Angelina's movie will make Serbs all look like rapists, torturers and demons that are power hungry.

"Angelina has been welcomed here, but she does her best not to come to our country. Then she wants to come for a few days to shot a movie all about our culture and leave. You can't film this movie with such power in irrelevant countries. It's wrong and inaccurate"

But politics aren't the only problem. It's the paparazzi that have Angie totally PO'd.

"She hates us because we want to be around her," the source dished on the Bosnian bombardment Angie received (including one journalist who chased Ange and Brad Pitt down the highway until Brad begged her to stop).

"The media here has never seen such fame, and all they want is recognition."

Still, our Bosnian know-it-all is hopeful that, despite the turmoil, the film could still turn out well for both sides:

"This is a special, never-before-heard story, and she has the power to do it right. We just hope she doesn't make it some dramatic rape story and forget the beauty behind a Serb man going against his family, country and way of life to love a Muslim woman. There is depth here. We just hope she doesn't get stuck in the drama."

If there's any good news coming out, it's that at least Ange loves the food. The babe is said to have gobbled up as much goulash as possible during her brief stay.

Talk about dramatic suspense: Who knew Ange actually ate?

--Additional reporting by John Boone

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