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Angelina Jolie’s lost interviews

In the years before Brad Pitt, the actress was a lot more talkative
Access Hollywood
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Angelina Jolie on love.

Before Brad, before Billy Bob, and we've uncovered some real gems in never-before-seen Access interviews.

“There are so many different aspects of life I haven't really explored yet, and I would like to control my career in a way where I'm always doing something I haven't done,” Angelina told us.

She's a big star now. But back in 1996, Angelina was just another struggling 20-year-old actress trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood.

“Looking around this trailer and this set and being in a film it's great, but tomorrow I could be home doing nothing,” Angelina said. “Out of a job. Redoing myself as a person.”

In a never-aired interview from '96, we are introduced to a fresh-faced Angelina on the set of the thriller, “Playing God.”

Access went behind the scenes with the film's star, David Duchovny, who was riding the wave of his “X-Files” success.

And we barely noticed the beautiful woman he is performing surgery on in the scene. It's Angelina!

“I just hope it's not a nightmare for me, and I'm awful and everybody hates it,” Angelina laughed.

In another unaired interview from October 1997, Angelina, with her hair in a buzz cut for what would eventually become her breakout role in the film, “Gia,” hit the film's premiere with Duchovny and co-star, Timothy Hutton.

The press barely noticed her.

In January 1998, a still-unknown Angelina got a subdued response from the press backstage when she won a Golden Globe for her supporting role in the TNT film “George Wallace.”

But Hollywood finally began to notice.

Five months after the Globes, Angelina was cast in the ensemble drama, “Playing By Heart,” alongside another up-and-comer, Ryan Phillipe.

Access visited the set in June 1998 and got our first taste of the playful Angelina we've grown to love, before being with Brad made her zip those famous lips.

“I have been in love, and I know what love is, but it is still a huge mystery to me,” Angelina told us. “I have no idea, and I'm very strange in love. I'm extremely odd.”

Uh, yeah. Remember Billy Bob?

But will Brad fair any better in love with Angelina? Well, not if he listens to this interview.

“I don't know if anybody ever finds that, if it’s ever perfect,” Angelina said. “I think if you are looking for someone else to balance your life perfectly and to give you that perfect happiness, I don't think it is out there. Maybe for some people. It's not for me.”