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Angelina Jolie Reveals Her Own "Weakness"

Angelina Jolie can be one tough chick. But even she acknowledges that's not always a good thing.
/ Source: E!online

Angelina Jolie can be one tough chick.

But even she acknowledges that's not always a good thing.

So how's the world's most famous mother of six working through that? Read on to find out. Plus, Jolie also talks to us about going to work in her...pajamas?!

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Jolie says she's very much like her kickass Kung Fu Panda character, Tigress--both the good and the bad. "I think I have her weakness, too," she told reporters at yesterday's Hollywood premiere of the animated blockbuster's new sequel (in theaters on Thursday).

"She's really tough but she doesn't really sometimes know how to be soft," she said. "It's taken me a little while in my life, and my kids have certainly helped with that--to get me a little softer because I have a bit of a hard shell sometimes."

Fortunately, it sounds like Jolie will likely being playing Tigress again.

"I would love to do more," she told us. "They are so much fun. You come to work in your pajamas, you bring your kids...There's just no easier job in the world."

Plus, the flicks hit close to home. "There is a message about what family is and how family is made [in the movies] and I think today, more than ever, we really can understand that family comes in all different ways," she said. "Sometimes two mothers, two fathers, single parents, some are adopted, different races. So family is where the love is and family is where you find loyalty and friendship."

And speaking of friendship, Jolie's Kung Fu costar Jack Black says the two are still working on a playdate with their kids (Black and his wife Tanya have two sons, Samuel, almost five, and Thomas, who turned three today).

"We talked about it," the funnyman told us. "We haven't set a date and a time but we have been like, 'Hey, let's do this!' I gave her my email address so ball's in her court."

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