A Jolie-Clooney ticket for 2016? Angelina hints at running for office

George Clooney, Angelina Jolie
AP; Getty Images

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By Randee Dawn

Happy Election Day! Here's a heaping tablespoon of wishful thinking that could make future trips to the voting booth even more exciting: Angelina Jolie may be on the next ballot.

"I am open" to pursuing politics, the 39-year-old said in Vanity Fair's December issue

"When you work as a humanitarian, you are conscious that politics have to be considered," she added. "Because if you really want to make an extreme change, then you have a responsibility."

If this story sounds a little familiar, it should: Speculation heated up over the summer about the possibility that George Clooney was thinking of running for office as well, despite his denials. British bookmakers William Hill told Time in October that family members had hinted he has political interests.

Humanitarians and super-handsome actors George Clooney and Angelina Jolie would rev up any political process!Today

Both newlyweds have extended public histories as advocates for human rights; Clooney's focus has largely been in Darfur, Syria and Sudan, and Jolie currently serves as director and special envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

So while everybody's out there setting up pipe dreams, we'll join in with one more. Here's to an Angelina Jolie-George Clooney ticket in 2016. It hardly matters which of them serves as Veep and which as POTUS, but there's no question: that ticket would definitely get out the vote.

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