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Is Angelina Jolie expecting?

The Brangelina pregnancy watch has started in earnest
/ Source: Access Hollywood

It's official — Access Hollywood is on Brangelina pregnancy alert! It's the question that fans are dying to know — is Angelina expecting?

But we aren't the only ones keeping an eye on things. It seems like every single tabloid is on Brangelina bump patrol.

The combination of baggy clothing, a slightly protruding tummy and stomach-protecting poses from Angelina lately are a far cry from her tight and revealing ensembles of the past.

And when she returned to the set of her new film “The Good Shepherd” for re-shoots, Jolie reportedly needed to be refitted for her costumes because of her altered size.

A month ago, Brad and Angelina announced their plan to make Pitt the legal father of baby Zahara and little Maddox.

“I think what I may need as a woman is separate from what Maddox deserves as a father or what I would need as a husband,” Angelina told Access Hollywood in 2003.

But those seem to have come together as one now. But when we sat down with Jolie in 2003, she made it very clear that anyone who does get close to son Maddox isn't just a casual fling.

When Billy Bush asked if she would bring her boyfriend home to meet her son, Angelina was emphatic in her answer.

“I'd keep him away from Maddox,” she revealed. “Unless there was a man I felt was going to be permanent. I think that's a really heavy thing. I don't want to introduce somebody to Maddox and then have them come and go.”

While it appears Brad could be a permanent fixture, when it comes to whether or not the couple is expecting their first child together, Pitt's publicist released this statement:

“I won't be commenting on my client's personal life in the new year.”