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Angelina Jolie ‘curious’ about ‘Sin City 2’

Angelina Jolie isn't sure that she'd return in a sequel to "Sin City," but the pregnant actress says she was happy to take a physical role again. She appears in "Wanted," an action film with a dark sense of humor.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Angelina Jolie is back with “Wanted,” another action film that is sure to delight fans, but is the actress considering another butt-kicking role in the highly anticipated sequel to “Sin City?”

While promoting her upcoming film, Angelina shed some light on a question fanboys are eager to know the answer to.

Responding to reports that director Frank Miller wants Angelina for the role of Ava in “Sin City 2,” the actress told MTV News, “I don’t know. I found the first ‘Sin City’ impressive, but I don’t know what they’re going to do with the next one to make [it] as original as the first one.”

“I’d be curious. I think he’s a genius,” she added.

In her current action film, the actress and expectant mother of twins said she was eager to get “physical” on the big screen again.

“I was itching to do something that was physical, because I had done some emotional films and I had been at home with the kids,” Angelina told MTV News about taking her role in “Wanted.” “I didn’t know that there was anything original out there [until] I came across this script.”

“Wanted” is not a run-of-the-mill action fest, according to the actress.

“It has a great story. A lot of action movies are kind of lacking in that,” she said. “It’s got a dark sense of humor and it’s wild, and the stunts — I knew that they were going to be done in an original way.”

Angelina stars alongside “Atonement’s” James McAvoy, his first venture into the action film genre.

”[My character] is not the nicest mentor [to James’ character]. She’s quite a pain in the ass,” She said with a laugh. “I suppose there was some irony to the fact that I had done a bunch of action movies and it was James’ first, and I was brought in as kind of the one that would lead the way…passing the torch to James.”

James may have been passed the action torch, but someone else will always have Angelina’s heart, according to the actress.

“I’ll always prefer rolling around on the floor with [Brad] than any other man,” she said when asked how James stacked up against husband Brad Pitt, who Angelina starred with in her last action film, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

“Sin City 2” or not, Angelina told MTV that fans can expect to see her in action films for years to come.

“I think there’s always going to be a side of me… you know, as long as I can,” she said. “Harrison [Ford] is doing it, and he’s doing it well. It looks like I’ve got some more time.”