Angel sparks altercation on ‘Phenomenon’

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/ Source: Access Hollywood

An altercation occurred on the set of NBC’s supernatural show “Phenomenon” on Wednesday night during the live taping.

The incident involved contestant Jim Callahan, who took offense to comments made by “Phenomenon” judge Criss Angel, the “Mind Freak” who fronts the show alongside legendary mentalist Uri Geller.

After performing a stunt where Callahan claimed to have been possessed by the spirit of author Raymond Hill, Callahan didn’t take Angel’s criticism well and “went after” the “Mind Freak” according to a witness on the scene.

“Criss jumped out of his chair,” the witness told Access Hollywood, “And was ready to battle it out.”

Following the stunt, Geller certainly seemed to be convinced by the act, calling it “very convincing,” while Angel appeared anxious for his turn to weigh in.

“Criss, I can see you’re itching to say something,” noted “Phenomenon” host and Access Hollywood’s Tim Vincent.

“I just think it’s comical quite frankly,” Angel said.

Angel then pulled an envelope from his pocket and appeared to challenge not only Callahan’s abilities but also those of his fellow judge Geller.

“I will give you a million dollars of my personal money right now if either one of you can tell me specific details of what’s in here right now,” Angel insisted.

The challenge clearly didn’t sit well with the contestant.

“OK, man, I’ll tell you what I will tell you. I find you an ideological bigot,” Callahan responded as he made his way toward Angel.

“Tell me what’s in the envelope,” Angel kept repeating.

Angel then got out of his seat to meet Callahan, as Geller and Vincent came between the two men and separated them.

“It’s a live show. This is not planned. We’ll see you after the commercial break,” Vincent told the audience as the show cut to commercial with Vincent pulling Callahan away from Angel.

When they returned, order appeared to have been restored as Vincent and Callahan were on stage, with Vincent even making a joke that it was like an episode of the “Jerry Springer Show.”

The show then posted Callahan’s phone number for viewers to call in and vote, and they moved on to a special tribute from Angel to Harry Houdini.