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Andy Samberg still reeling from Golden Globe win: 'It's about as shocked as I've ever been'

"Saturday Night Live" veteran Andy Samberg's new comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has been a critical hit since its debut, but that doesn't mean he was prepared in any way to receive a Golden Globe for his role on the show.

"It's about as shocked as I've ever been about anything ever," he told TODAY during his Tuesday visit to the studio, and enumerated a couple of reasons why: "Our show is so new; the word 'acting' is involved in the award ... all of the above."

He's recovered, a bit, though, saying that he's starting to get used to being referred to as a "Golden Globe winner." "My parents now have to say that when I come home for Thanksgiving," he joked. "'Dinner's ready, Golden Globe Winner Andy Samberg.'"

The win and the show's success aside, Samberg insists he still has plans for more funny business with his comedy troupe The Lonely Island. "I don't think there's any plan to stop," he said, then admitted they had one celebrity they were dying to work with: Bill Clinton. He put the request into the "ether" on the show, hoping that Clinton might be watching. "That would be the best cold call ever," he laughed.

Things are going well for many "SNL" alumni; Seth Meyers will take over "Late Night" on Feb. 17 and Jimmy Fallon moves into "The Tonight Show" spot on Feb. 24. But Golden Globe Winner Adam Samberg (who can do a decent impression of Fallon) has no advice to offer them.

"Jimmy doesn't need my advice, man," he said. "He's going to kill it."

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" airs at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesdays on FOX.