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The 'Housewives' are going international! Andy Cohen reveals new franchise on TODAY

It all started with “The Real Housewives of Orange County” back in 2006, and now the executive producer behind the beloved "Housewives" announces what’s next.
/ Source: TODAY

There’s good news for reality TV viewers who like their shows filled with aspirational fun, dramatic feuds and a bevy of affluent women — and it comes straight from the man who knows that format better than anyone else.

“Real Housewives” executive producer and reunion host Andy Cohen visited TODAY Monday morning and revealed there’s a new addition to the fan-favorite franchise on the way.

"Get your passports, our 11th city! We are going to the billionaire's playground, the city of gold, the desert oasis — 'The Real Housewives of Dubai,'” he told co-anchors Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.

Yes, Bravo's franchise that’s covered “Housewives” from coast-to-coast in the U.S. is going international for the very first time with “The Real Housewives of Dubai.”

A whole new group of female friends will bring the reality TV franchise to the popular United Arab Emirates city, a place that’s built a reputation as a hub for five-star venues, extravagant tourist destinations and oil-fueled wealth.

Cohen, who recently told TODAY that the “Real Housewives” shows are off-limits for his 2-year-old son, Benjamin, promises the new one will be unlike any other previous installment.

"This is going to blow the lid off the entire franchise," Cohen said.

Of course, between “The Real Housewives of ...” Orange County, New York, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, Atlanta, Potomac, Salt Lake City and soon-to-be revived Miami franchises, they’ll have plenty of content to watch and rewatch until then.

But the big Bravo series announcement wasn’t the only thing on Cohen’s mind Monday.

After all, the 53-year-old “Watch What Happens Live” host is more than a television big wig. He’s also an author with three New York Times bestsellers to his name — and he might just be able to claim a fourth one very soon.

"Glitter Every Day," by Andy Cohen

Cohen’s new book, “Glitter Every Day: 365 Quotes from Women I Love,” comes out Tuesday, Nov. 2, and it covers wisdom from many of the women he knows — including a couple of familiar names from TODAY.

"The idea is that you have a little sprinkle of glitter every morning to start your day, from Malala (Yousafzai) to Madonna to Countess Luann," Cohen said.

In addition to quotes and quips from Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Barbara Bush, Beyoncé, Princess Diana and other icons, the book will also include gems from Hoda and Savannah themselves.