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Andy Cohen responds to critic who commented on his appearance

One hateful comment on Twitter isn't going to bring the "Watch What Happens Live" host down!
/ Source: TODAY

Andy Cohen is not here for any unsolicited comments about his appearance.

On Saturday, Cohen, 52, quote-tweeted a hateful comment that read, “can someone interview @andy and ask him how he deals with his lazy droopy left eye?”

The “Watch What Happens Live” host had the perfect response for the critic, simply replying, “I ignore it baby.”

Fans rallied behind Cohen in the replies of the tweet, disregarding the negative tweet to show their support.

“I have never noticed,” one fan wrote. “The only reference I have of it is when you have mentioned it or others have mentioned it to you.”

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Andy Cohen on Feb. 11, 2016 in New York City.Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

Another fan lauded one of their favorite Cohen facial expression, replying, “I’ve never seen that so-called cross side or lazy eye, however I adore it when he gives side eye to a guest.”

“I didn’t even notice,” one fan wrote. “Makes you even more unique. #likeyouevenmore”

In 2017, Cohen opened up about previously feeling self-conscious about his eye during an appearance on the “How to Be Amazing” podcast. He recalled a time that somebody he worked for early in his career told him he had a “horribly performed wandering eye” and would “never make it on camera.”

When asked if people poking fun at his “wandering eye” bothered him, Cohen admitted that it did, but only at first.

“When I wound up getting on air, I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is so harsh. I'm horribly deformed,’” he said. “I called my mom. I was like, 'I'm deformed.' And she was like, 'You do not have a wandering eye.' And I go, 'No, I do. I promise you. People are telling me across the country.'"

He continued, explaining, "I was always pretty vain, but I think it's weird there's a monitor right under my camera and so I do have these moments where I will think, 'Oh my God, you look really carb-faced lately.’ It has made me more vain.”

But one negative comment wasn’t going to rain on Cohen’s week. On Wednesday, he was reunited with his former dog, Wacha, who he re-homed last year shortly after his two-year-old son, Ben, was born.

In a video posted to his Instagram story on Wednesday, Cohen revealed that he and Wacha had reunited for the second time since he was re-homed.

"It's my absolute lucky day today because I get to visit with my No. 1," Cohen said, before repositioning the camera to show Wacha walking beside him. “Hey, Wacha! Say hi to the people. We miss you. We miss you, Wacha!"

The reunion had no shortage of adorable moments, including plenty of nuzzles.

"It's a good day today," he said. "It's also beautiful out and this dog is beautiful."