Andy Cohen dishes on drunk stars, toughest guests and 'guy crush' on Matt Lauer

Image: Andy Cohen

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By Ree Hines

He's a TV host, pop culture whiz and a self-proclaimed "celebrant" of life, and now Andy Cohen is telling the story behind all of that in a book he calls part "Andy Warhol Diaries" and part "Bridget Jones's Diary."

But much of "The Andy Cohen Diaries" focuses on behind-the-scenes tidbits from his late-night Bravo hit, "Watch What Happens Live," and that's just what he shared during a Monday morning visit to TODAY.

Here are just a few gems from that interview:

  • The tipsiest guest ever on his show? "We've had a drunk Ricki Lake," Cohen recalled. "We've had a drunk Rosie Perez; we've had a drunk … let me think about last week."

  • But who didn't take a sip? While the host felt certain TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie "got a little lit" during her last visit, the fact is she faked it. Guthrie was actually pregnant at the time, but hadn't yet revealed the news.

  • Which guest made him more nervous: Oprah or TODAY's Matt Lauer? "I have kind of a guy crush on Matt that is totally not creepy," he joked. "I was probably a little more nervous for Oprah, but I was sufficiently nervous for Matt Lauer."

  • Who might be a little mad when she reads his book? "Mariah Carey," Cohen mused. "I just talk about the machinations that went into that booking and the behind the scenes [stuff, like] me sitting in the other chair [to get] her good side. But I think we're going to be cool."

  • His most disappointing guest? The man who invented the celebrity tell-all game "Plead the Fifth" for his show decided to take the fifth on that question.

Get all of the dish when "The Andy Cohen Diaries" hits bookstores Tuesday.

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