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Andrew Garfield had chemistry with his red carpet interviewer and we're blushing

"If they don’t end up dating,” one person tweeted in response to the exchange between the actor and the YouTube creator.
Andrew Garfield and Amelia Dimoldenberg attend the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton on January 10, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California.
Andrew Garfield and Amelia Dimoldenberg attend the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton on January 10, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California. Getty Images

YouTube creator Amelia Dimoldenberg is living the Internet's dream.

While interviewing guests at the red carpet for the Golden Globes on Jan. 10, she came across Andrew Garfield, who stopped for a chat. Dimoldenberg posted a video of the giggle-filled conversation that followed to Twitter.

After some playful teasing and an awkward exchange of "hi," Garfield tells her, "I only ever want to see you."

From there, what ensues is several minutes of adorable banter that has people wishing they were in Dimoldenberg's shoes: Openly flirting with the star, who was nominated at the Globes for "Under the Banner of Heaven," about astrological compatibility and "exploring" a relationship.

It's not the duo's first red carpet encounter. Dimoldenberg, a self-proclaimed “very serious journalist” known for the web interview series "Chicken Shop Date," first interviewed Garfield in November for British GQ’s Men of the Year 2022 red carpet.

At their first meeting, which was also recorded, Garfield tells Dimoldenberg he's a fan of her YouTube series: "I think you're great." Dimoldenberg responds boldly. "I'm asking you out right now," she says, to an already giggling Garfield.

Normally, Dimoldenberg doesn’t meet potential celebrity crushes amid such glitz. Banter is usually exchanged in a British chicken shop over fried food for her YouTube channel. But so far, with Garfield, the red carpet has been the site of their flirtation.

"We must stop meeting like this," she says during her second run-in with Garfield at the Golden Globes.

The two-minute long clip is more banter session than interview. At one point, Garfield calls her out for not actually asking a question when she brings up his role in “Under the Banner of Heaven.”

Instead, the two discuss more pressing matters like weekend plans and birth charts. After Dimoldenberg says she plans to invite Garfield to her birthday party, he asks her about her astrological sign. When she reveals she's an Aquarius, Garfield has a visceral response.

Garfield points out that her sun sign matches his moon sign, considered a marker of compatibility.

"If you have a sun sign that's the same as the moon sign of someone else," he starts, before smirking.

"It's not good?" Dimoldenberg asks.

"No, it's good," he responds.

“Why is that an issue?” she asks.

“Because I don’t think we should explore this,” he says. “I’m scared of what it could turn into. I’m not ready for that kind of thing.”

“OK, well, I am,” Dimoldenberg says, boldy. Garfield looks shocked and says, "Wait!" The video abruptly jumps to a new topic, so no answer to whether they continued to explore that line of questioning.

Online, fans have expressed their jealousy and excitement for Dimoldenberg.

"I need to drunkenly flirt with Andrew Garfield in a very loud industry party just once in my life," one person wrote on Twitter.

In response to Dimoldenberg's tweet of the clip, one user posted a screenshot from a TikTok stating "I don't really care if something good happened to you. It should have happened to me instead."

Dimoldenberg and Garfield's chemistry, fans concluded, was genuine. "This is better than any romcom i’ve ever watched I’m serious," a Twitter user responded.

After Dimoldenberg jokes that she needed to wrap the interview up to chat with Austin Butler, she asks Garfield for an autograph. He says he isn't sure what he's signing.

"It says best friend certificate," she clarifies.

On Jan. 12, Dimoldenberg tweeted out a photo of the certificate in question, which proclaims in pink font that the two would be "best friends forever."

The friendship has been signed, sealed and delivered — but after that clip, fans are hoping their relationship becomes something more than that.

Commentators are zooming in on the moment Garfield's hand covers hers on the microphone, a gesture that seems scripted by Jane Austen (if she lived in 2023, that is).

"If they don't end up dating," one person tweeted.

After the interview, as Garfield departed, Dimoldenberg says, "see you at the next carpet." Fans can only hope she posts the footage.