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Andrew Garfield gets some extra Spidey sense from Emma Stone on 'SNL'

We all knew that Spider-Man is amazing. But now we know he's British...and funny, too. Actor Andrew Garfield's first hosting of "Saturday Night Live" went smoothly Saturday night. He even got some hearty laughs in, though he was underutilized in the second half of the show. 

Garfield, 30, also got some help on stage from real-life girlfriend and his "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" co-star Emma Stone. The highlights:

Stone is always a delight (see: lip synching with Jimmy Fallon) but did Garfield really need her help that early in the game? Her "intrusion" into his first "Saturday Night Live" monologue made us wonder if the show didn't have enough confidence in him. Or did he not have enough confidence in himself? How is that possible? He's Spidey! For some, it was shocking enough for him to reveal that he's British. He didn't really need Stone to give him a boost.

Celebrity Family Feud
Easily one of "SNL's" best modern sketches, helmed hilariously by Kenan Thompson as Steve Harvey, Garfield won over anyone who was doubting that a guy who plays a super-hero could have some comedy chops. His impersonation of Justin Timberlake was spot-on and a gift that just kept on giving as the game went on. Kate McKinnon as Shakira, and Taran Killam’s Russell Crowe rounded out what would have been the night's best sketch—if it wasn't for Beyonce and Jack Bauer.

The Beygency
First of all, the idea was genius. But the execution--from the performances to the cinematography—made it the night's winner. Garfield's character likes Beyonce's music just fine. He's just not crazy about "Drunk in Love." Well, there's hell to pay for that! He's chased by mysterious dark figures who want to punishment for his betrayal of Queen Bee. Garfield's fear and high-pitched screams are hilarious and it all moved along pretty well...until Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brien show up. Then it blew up! In amazing cross-promotion ("24: Live Another Day" premieres Monday on Fox), Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) and Chloe (Mary-Lynn Rajskub) admit to being Rihanna fans and are shot to death. That's not the end for Garfield's character. And it shouldn't be.

The Kiss
Garfield and Stone recreate their roles—and that big kiss on the Brooklyn Bridge—on "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Except that they are not good at kissing, and they make a mess of it by licking each other's faces and stuff. Enter Chris Martin, the recently "consciously uncoupled" leader of Coldplay to help. "Now you listen to me, you beautiful spidery man," he says, sporting a wig. The singer shows Garfield how it's done, and it's all weird and charming at the same time.

Oscar winner Charlize Theron will host for the second time on May 10, with Black Keys as the musical guest.