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Andre the Giant's family approves of Segel's 'SNL' skit

NBC / Today
Actor Jason Segel channeled Andre the Giant on "Saturday Night Live."

One of the highlights from Jason Segel’s recent stint as “Saturday Night Live” host came when the actor channeled the late wrestling-great-turned-actor Andre the Giant.

In “Andre the Giant Chooses an Ice Cream Flavor,” Segel delivered a spot-on impression — much like the one fans first saw in “I Love You, Man” — and according to TMZ, Andre’s family tuned in to see it for themselves.

"Jason Segel nails this impression and demonstrates, with good humor, that Andre's legacy continues to be relevant and has a big impact on the entertainment industry,” a rep for the estate told TMZ.

For those who don't recall the voice and manner that made Andre so memorable, see just how great Segel's impression is by comparing it to the real deal in this clip from the movie "The Princess Bride":

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