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Anderson Cooper is Phil Donahue!

Anderson Cooper, left, with Phil Donahue.
Anderson Cooper, left, with Phil Donahue.Tom Zuback / Warner Bros.

Anderson Cooper is a lot of things: TV personality, author and journalist. But today, he's not just Anderson -- he's  talk-show host Phil Donahue!

The CNN anchor decided to have a little fun and filmed today's episode of his new daytime talk show show, "Anderson," as if he were the former TV personality.

"I grew up watching him. I so admire him, so I thought I would dress up and kind of pay homage," Cooper told his audience. Check it out:

Donahue himself also made a guest appearance on the show, and chatted about how amazing Cooper's studio is compared to the one he used to have for his own show.

Check to see when "Anderson" airs in your city.

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