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Anderson Cooper kicks 'Human Barbie' off show, calls her 'dreadful'

Anderson Cooper does not suffer fools gladly. In the middle of an interview with Sarah Burge, who has made headlines for giving her 8-year-old daughter vouchers for breast enhancements and liposuction and has reportedly had more than $800,000 of cosmetic surgery herself, Cooper just couldn't take it any more.

"Um, I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about," Cooper said. "I gotta just stop, sorry. I try to be really polite to all my guests, I just think you're dreadful and I honestly don't want to talk to you any more."

"That's fine, that's fine," Burge kept repeating, as she quickly walked off the set, to the applause of the live studio audience.

Earlier in the show, he had asked Burge to explain photos of her young daughter, then 7, on a stripper pole. She called the pole dancing "good exercise" and said "more people should actually try it than stuffing their faces with burgers."

In an interview after the show, Cooper said, "You know, I always try to be respectful of the guests. But I also think if you're gonna have somebody on you want somebody who's really communicating honestly, and I got the feeling that this was about publicity for her, and ... I regret having her on in the first place."

He also said, "I think encouraging your little daughter to pole dance and give her plastic-surgery vouchers and telling the media about it, that I just don't understand."

Cooper said he had hoped to get an explanation from Burge but "didn't think it was a really honest discussion."

The interview aired on "Anderson" on Tuesday.

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