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Anderson Cooper gives 'Toddlers & Tiaras' moms a taste of their own medicine

Wendy and Paisley Dickey, Kayla and EverRose Sims, June Shannon and Alana Thompson, Alicia Morgan and Laci Crews are pageant-ready on "Anderson."

TLC's "Toddlers & Tiaras" always shows little girls getting over-the-top dolled up for this beauty pageant and that. The young ladies spend hours in the makeup chair, a few more hours getting their hair (or sometimes, wig) done and then don outrageously expensive gowns and other custom-made costumes.

But on Friday, fans and detractors of the popular series will see something a bit different when four "Toddlers" mamas and their tots -- Alana and mom June, EverRose and mom Kayla, Laci and mom Alicia, and Paisley and mom Wendy -- appear on "Anderson." The host, in an effort to get the mothers to see what their little girls go through for the pageants, gave the ladies a makeover, but not just any makeover -- they're dressed up in their daughters' favorite pageant looks.

But still, it didn't seem to change everyone's minds.

Dressed in a replica of her daughter's skin-tight pink frock, Alana "Honey Boo Boo Child's" mother, June, told Anderson Cooper that "yeah, the corset is a little tight." But that's no big deal to her. June said that her little girl enjoys pageants, so they'll keep doing it.

Cooper had mom Alicia in something a little more revealing -- a blue swimsuit-like Gaga getup that left the woman feeling "a little revealed right now." See what she had to say about the experience and what she learned (or didn't):


See what else the mothers had to say on "Anderson" when the show airs on Friday. Check listings for local air times.

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