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Anatomy of a Meltdown: Christina Aguilera

It hasn't been hard to notice that something's been up with Christina Aguilera's boozing lately.
/ Source: E!online

It hasn't been hard to notice that something's been up with Christina Aguilera's boozing lately.

Just this morning, Xtina was taken in by the Los Angeles sheriff's department, along with boyfriend Matthew Rutler. He was arrested for driving under the influence, and Christina was booked for public intoxication.

So where did her downward spiral begin?

Let's look back at Christina Aguilera's last few months, during which friends "worried" about her partying lifestyle:

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Oct. 14: Christina Aguilera files for divorce from Jordan Bratman. Rumors run wild that the famous singer is the one who strayed, although she denied this.

Nov. 5: Xtina is seen playfully sneaking out of the Soho House in West Hollywood with Burlesque set assistant Matthew Rutler. They were on a double date with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

Sources inside the West Hollywood club said that Christina "looked like a mess."

Pics of the two then surfaced, and Aguilera insisted the relationship started out as a friendship but turned into something more. Matthew was allegedly, though has never admitted, to being "the other guy" when Xtina was still married.

Nov. 24: Christina and Matthew publicly stepped out together for the first time. They went to The Abbey in West Hollywood on the night before Thanksgiving, and the two were "making out most of the night." That is, when they weren't downing shots. Bartenders at the famous gay hang say Christina "seemed smashed" and wasn't shy about keepin' the drinks coming.

Dec. 31: US Weekly reported that, at Christina's New Years Eve bash at The Dime in Los Angeles, the singer was so drunk that her mom told her to "go lie down and sober up."

Other tabloid allegations from that night: Christina went on a cursing rampage calling her brother's girlfriend "a whore."

Jan 8: Reports surfaced that Jeremy Renner got quite a surprise as his birthday party: a hammered Christina passing out in his bed. "She was enjoying herself, but she wasn't in his bed," Renner's rep said.

Sources at the private bash tell us they weren't sure if that happened, but they did 'fess she appeared to be very intoxicated --and apparently showed up uninvited.

Jan 14: A crazy looking Christina supposedly went after her Burlesque costar, verbally attacking Julianne Hough at CAA's private pre-Golden Globes party at Soho House.

Sources said it was Aguilera who "got in Hough's face" and unleashed a "verbal barrage" on her former costar, whom she supposedly never liked.

Not exactly the kind of behavior you want to pull in front of your management team. Did the open bar contribute to Christina's temper?

Feb. 7: Xtina mixes up the words to the National Anthem while performing at the Super Bowl.

"I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through," the singer explained in a statement afterward.

Aguilera, "visibly upset" after her vocal misstep, hightailed it back to L.A. Unfortunately, when she landed, speculation was already running wild that Christina had been enjoying a different kind of "true spirit."

Feb. 12: Christina tries to redeem herself at the Grammys, but nearly takes a spill on stage.

March 1: Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler were arrested at 2:45 a.m. in West Hollywood.

Rutler was arrested for driving under the influence. Christina, in the passenger seat, was booked for public intoxication. Both are misdemeanors, but how Christina and Matt will be charged in the court of public opinion is another matter.

We wonder how her team--all of whom have been greatly covering up Christina's wild nights--will respond now. We're told even members of her inner circle are "more concerned than ever."

Hopefully Aguilera gets the help she needs, because from what we're hearing it should be rehab.

The official word on everything today from Christina's rep is "no comment."

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